Allen Arce
Allen Arce
Son of Helios
Selene's Moon Team Leader
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Helios (Father)
Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Height 5'9
Affiliation Selene's Moon Team
Weapons Sword
Species Human
Home Camp Half-Blood
Alignment Good

Allen is a young 15 year old boy who appears in many stories, mostly known for his main role in The Clues of the Moon and Last Man Standing. He may also appear in other Alternate Universe stories like Earth-415, Fallen and more.



Allen's mom died giving birth to Allen, he was taken by a young demigod named Benjamin Quilk. Ben (a 20 year old; son of Minerva) and he's wife, Selena Molf (daughter of Venus) raised Allen in San Diego, California.

During a trip to San Franciso (heading to Camp Jupiter) they had a car accident. Allen (currently 12 years old) was kidnapped by a Cyclops. The Cyclops took Allen and was about to eat him when a 14 year old demigod saved him (Luke Vapor) and took him to Camp Half-Blood. Allen's parents did survive the accident and were later contacted by Allen telling them that he was alive.

Camp Half-BloodEdit

Allen was taken to Camp Half-Blood by Luke, his godly parent was unknown until Athena appeared to him and told him that he was a son of Helios. Allen adapted to Camp Half-Blood real fast and became a very good friend of Mikaela Queens. Mikaela and Allen usually did things together in Camp Half-Blood and were teased by Campers of being in a relationship when they were just friends.

Aphrodite's CurseEdit

Alternate UniverseEdit


Allen is a very smart boy and caring, he has his clown times but he usually is very caring and protects the people his loves and the things he loves.


Allen has brown hair and red eyes that sometimes look orange. He usually wears a red jacket or a black shirt and he's 5'9.


Mikaela QueensEdit

Allen is a very close friend of Mikaela and became a friend of hers as soon as he arrived to Camp Half-Blood.


  • Fire- Allen has the ability to make fire (this ability is very similar to Pyrokinesis). He uses this ability to make fire balls and shoot them at enemies. He is able to make his fire in different shapes (like fire balls, fire knives, etc.) but the bigger the fire is the bigger energy it takes.
  • Fire Proof- Allen is inmune to fire though greek fire does hurt him if he is hit by it many times.
  • ADHD and Dyslexia


  • This character was created by ExtremeSSJ4


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