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American Justice (AJ) is a fan fiction created by SSJ4dude. It is currently under construction. The series is about a team of superheroes during WWII. The team was re-created in the present day with new people posing as the former heroes, with all new heroes joinging the team. They are the first heroes to be apart of the SSJ4dude universe. the first 3 seasons will be about the original team but the other three will be about the present day team.

American Justice

The series logo

Original Team MembersEdit

  • American Soul
  • American Heart
  • Mr. Mind
  • Inferno

Present Day Team membersEdit

American Heart

American Soul

Mr. Mind


Sorceress Supreme


Season 1Edit

Episode ListEdit

  1. The Serum
  2. The New team
  3. Justice is served
  4. Soviat Sylvia
  5. The Watcher Part 1
  6. The Watcher Part 2
  7. The Watcher Part 3
  8. Inferno's upgrade
  9. The downfall
  10. The New Member
  11. Spies and Lies
  12. The new threat part 1
  13. The new threat part 2
  14. The new threat part 3
  15. The Last battle part 1

Season 2Edit

  1. The Last Battle part 2
  2. The War is Over
  3. Bite
  4. S.A.T.A
  5. The Revenge
  6. History
  7. The Story of Genral Whendon White
  8. Commando's
  9. S.H.T.F
  10. Alternate Worlds part 1 German Injustice
  11. Alternate Worlds part 2 A.A.T.A
  12. Killshot
  13. Deathlock
  14. Demodo
  15. The Last Stand

Season #3Edit

  1. Reborn
  2. Heart and Soul
  3. The Invasion part 1
  4. The Invasion part 2
  5. The Invasion Part 3
  6. The Invasion part 4
  7. Reborn
  8. Magic, Mummies, and Monsters oh my!
  9. Killshot 2.0
  10. The League of Mercenaries
  11. The Hunt
  12. The Prey
  13. Deadshot
  14. Secrets
  15. Heatwave

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