Amus Jones
"I'm smart, sneaky, and strong. What's not to love?"
The Thief
The Brawn
The Brains
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Mother- Juno Jones

Father- Blaine Jones

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown with a few gray streaks
Height 6 feet
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Weapons Swords; Fists; Throwing Knives; Martial Arts; Occasionaly a bow and arrow
Species Human
Home Berlin,Germany(Current: New York)
Alignment Both Good and Bad

Amus serves as the co-protagonist alongside Arron. Amus is almost like Arron's brother, and is certainly his best friend. Amus serves as a good-and-bad type of character. He is good along the lines of loyalty, but bad when it comes to following very important and strict rules.


Amus was born to Juno and Blaine Jones in Berlin, Germany. At the age of 5 he learned of his inheritance into the Peacekeepers organization. At the age of 7 he and his family moved to America, where they would be protected by one of the largest Peacekeeper sects at the time. When the massacre of his parents occured, Amus swore to take revenge on the exact lord who killed his parents.

Personality Edit

Amus is a jack-of-all-trades to say in the least. He's good, bad, and neutral all at the same time and the only people to understand him are Arron and Rhea. Amus likes to be bad, but he also likes doing good. He'll steal from a donation center if he feels the cause is unjust, and give to another the next day. He's a..."good bad." Amus is very shy, unless around his friends. Otherwise he chooses to stay in the shadows.


Amus is taller than all the other kids in his division. He has short, spiky brown hair with few of gray streaks. His eyes are a dark brown to match his somewhat tannish-beige skin. If you were to see Amus any given time or day of the week, he would be dressed in his Thieve's Armor, which consist of black sweat pants, a light leather armor set for his upper torso, gloves, and a hoodie.


Mother-Juno Jones(Deceased); Father- Blaine Jones(Deceased); Friends- Arron; Stephanie; Zane; Leila; Rhea; Ace; Secret Crush- Rhea; Mentor- Samuel


Amus is the best hand-to-hand combat fighter around. Like most Peacekeepers, he is skilled in parkour, the art of throwing knives, and every hand-to-hand combat and defense art in the world (Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Tae Kwan Do, Kickboxing,etc.) Being balanced in his abilities, Amus is good at becoming "one with the shadows." This alows him to use his natural talent for scalling roofs unseen, and pickpocketing money from the pockets of nobles. He is also very strong and muscular, though he doesn't boast about it. Amus is also very smart, unknown to most. He can hack any computer, and is like a walking encyclopedia. He can speak 12 different languages including: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Mandarin, Russian, and Arabic.


Amus is a Cancer. Amus is German. Amus's Peacekeeper symbol is a black cat.


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