Angel Grove Falls: Aliens vs. Power Rangers
Film information

Directed by

Thor Steinbach

Produced by

Thor Steinbach

Written by

Thor Steinbach


Lunatic Entertainment

Release Date(s)

Concept created June 4th, 2013





Followed by

Ash vs. Predator

Angel Grove Falls: Aliens vs. Power Rangers is a 2013 conceptual science fiction action horror movie created by Somarinoa and released under the Lunatic Entertainment company name. It is considered to be part of the Alien Anthology, Power Rangers and Evil Dead universes. It is followed by a sequel called Ash vs. Predator.




The GoodEdit

  • Red Ranger—Jason Lee Scott: Austin St. John
  • Black Ranger—Zack Taylor: Walter Emanuel Jones
  • Blue Ranger—Billy Cranston: David Yost
  • Yellow Ranger—Trini Kwan: Thuy Trang (CGI)
  • Pimk Ranger—Kimberly Ann Hart: Amy Jo Johnson
  • Green Ranger—Thomas "Tommy" Oliver: Jason David Frank
  • Zordon: David Fielding
  • Alpha 5: Richard Steven Horvitz (voice)
  • Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier: Paul Schrier
  • Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch: Jason Narvy
  • Ashley "Ash" Williams: Bruce Campbell

The BadEdit

  • Rita Repulsa: Soga Machiko (body) & Barbara Goodson (voice)
  • Lord Zedd: Ed Neil (body) & Robert Axelrod (voice)
  • Goldar: Danny Stallcup (body) & Kerrigan Mahan (voice)
  • Rito Revolto: Bob Papenbrook (voice)
  • Scorpina: Wendee Lee
  • Finster: Takako Iiboshi (body) & Robert Axelrod (voice)
  • Squatt: Minoru Watanabe (body) & Michael J. Sorich (voice)
  • Baboo: Hideaki Kusaka (body) & Colin Phillips (voice)

The UglyEdit

  • Queen Alien: Barbara Goodson (voice)

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Original info on concept, taken off of Facebook post by Somarinoa, June 4th, 2013:
    • Somarinoa: "How about this as the best movie idea ever conceived: The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (only the original group, none of this Matthew Broderick ████) single-handedly taking on a hive of Aliens (Xenomorphs, from the Alien movies) on Earth. The Queen Alien can be birthed from Rita Repulsa and can have her voice, also. It can be called "Angel Grove Falls: Aliens vs. Power Rangers"."
    • Davis Hobson: "Throw Ash in there for fun all hail the boomstick."
    • Somarinoa: "He starts out working at the Angel Grove S-Mart and has a rivalry with Tommy (the Green Ranger) after he convinces Kimberly (Pink Ranger) to "give him some sugar, baby"."
    • Davis Hobson: "Then he whisks her away to a cabin in the woods where she contracts an alien fungus infection that's confused with demonic possession."
    • Somarinoa: "Somehow it leads into the sequel, Ash vs. Predator."

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