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Anime Truth is an online fan fiction by Cocoabean. It is a DBZ and a Vegeta x OC fiction. It details a human girl, Katarina who is turned into a Saiyan and is trapped in DBZ. It is produced and scripts written by Cocoabean. DBZ (c) Akira Toriyama, Fuji TV, Toei and Funimation.

Volume 1- Little DameEdit

Chapter 1- Donnie's BedEdit

Episode 1- New Girl Around the BlockEdit

Katarina was a 17 year old, rather antisocial girl. It wasn't her fault; after all, she'd been bullied all her life and added with her sister's death... She sat in her bunk bed, surrounded by DBZ and Bleach posters. Only on the Internet is where she could truly be free to express herself. Pulling out a fully charged iPhone, she typed in a wiki's URL. Halfway within typing, her necklace glowed with green energy which surrounded her and slowly transformed her. Her hair grew shorter, her outfit was changed into female Saiyan armor. A tail slowly grew from her ass as she shrieked in pain. The green energy flickered away, carrying the helpless, unaware Katarina.

[The short Katarina dusted herself off, and looked at her surroundings. A blue land and green water surrounded her as she looked at herself and then surroundings.]

Katarina: Oh fuck..where am I? [Turns around, Love Crimes by Frank Ocean plays as she looked at the enraged Vegeta flying past her, screaming profanity] Huh?! DBZ..?

[Katarina mysteriously rose from the ground,Love Crimes still playing as the words "ANIME TRUTH AND COCOABEAN'S NOVEL" was in the sky]

Katarina: Woah! [She flew after the enraged Vegeta]

Krillin: Oh no, Gohan! [Trembling]

Gohan: Vegeta..! [Looks behind]

Katarina: [Descends behind Vegeta, thinking] Vegeta..? I'm in DBZ! He's even hotter in real time than on a screen! But..I can't even tell anything! No breaking the fourth wall..

Vegeta: You BASTARDS! I made an alliance with you, stopped my plans for you, and now, [Hands out, pointing to Dragon Balls] THIS!'re all dead!

Katarina: [Infatuated with Vegeta, heart beating rapidly, thinking] What is this feeling..? Vegeta's running through my mind and I just saw him...should I say something?!

Vegeta: [Walks over to Dende, grabs his shirt and begins to talk] Grant me my wish! TELL THE DRAGON TO GRANT ME IMMORTALITY!

Dende: [Eyes lowering] No! I won't help someone who killed my people!

Vegeta: [Throws Dende on ground] Damn brat. [Turns around] Now..NOW YOU'RE GONNA GET IT!

Katarina: [Trembling; murmuring] Oh my God...he's gonna kill us all...

[And just like that, Porunga vanished as the Dragon Balls turned into stone. Dende dropped to his knees as Vegeta looked in shock.]

Dende: Elder...Grand Elder..[Tears develop in eyes] The Grand Elder...has passed away..

Gohan: Oh no! [Shakes] That means..

Krillin:'s gonna us?

Katarina: [Suddenly senses Frieza and hides behind rock]

Vegeta: My wish...MY WISH! [Grabs Dende] My god damn wish! [Throws Dende down agan and turns around to face Gohan and Krillin, is about to say something but sees Frieza and trembles] Haah...Frieza...

Katarina: [Hiding, concealing ki, thinking] Shit! It's Frieza!

[Frieza looked at the trembling people as Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park plays. The camera switches to multiple views of the seething Frieza. The screen went dark as the music faded.]

[A brown haired female with blonde highlights and maroon eyes walked into the black screen, wearing a suit. She held a paper and organized it.]

Female: Oh no! Frieza is there as Katarina hides in fear and shock, still contemplating how she got here!! What will happen to her beloved Vegeta? [Shows Vegeta being beat constantly by Frieza] Find out, on the next episode of..ANIME TRUTH! [Continuing the H]

Random Guy: ALRIGHT, STOP!

Female: Ok, ok, TB. Is this fucking camera off? Oh..[Reaches for camera] FUCK! [Turns it off]

Episode 2- Are You Mad?Edit

[Frieza had an ominous stare, instilling fear even into Vegeta.]

Frieza: Well, I see my Dragon Balls have been used. To grant your wishes. [Concealing anger] Well, SOMEONE will have to pay for tha-

[Katarina gritted her teeth as she went to Frieza and uppercutted him.]

Katarina: SHUT UP, YOU BASTARD! [Oddly starts firing orange Ki blasts in Frieza's direction]

Frieza: Ah, a female Saiyan. I could've sworn I killed those simians! [Rises up] YOU WILL ALL PAY! [Powers up as scouter broke]

Katarina: [Thinking]Does this bastard think I'm not even that important?!

Vegeta: [Gets into power struggle with Frieza] If this is your all, Frieza, I'm disappointed.

Frieza: [Smiles] Are you really that dumb, Vegeta?

Katarina: Vegeta! That's not even 25% of his power!

Frieza: [Looks at Katarina] I'm getting damn tired of you already, monkey woman! [Rushes over to Katarina and hook punches her in the gut] Heh. [Looks at Vegeta]

[Katarina's almond eyes lowered, as she saw Frieza transform]

Katarina: [Coughs up blood] Frieza...[Crawling over to Frieza] No....[Goes unconsious]

[Katarina's eyes opened as she was staring at Frieza transform into his final form.]

Katarina: [Rises up] Frieza?! Oh no..he's going in to his final form!

Gohan: How do you know that, miss..

Katarina: Katarina. [Smiles] Why are you so scared?

Piccolo: Nice to get acquainted, but we have a bigger problem here. [Points to Frieza]

[Dende healed Vegeta as Katarina stared in concern.]

Katarina: Vegeta! Oh no, what did Frieza do to him?! [Thinking]I don't remember what happened in DBZ?!! Oh no, I'm talking like I'm in love with him! But..I am.. AAAH!!

Vegeta: [Stands up] Woman, I don't know you. [Face turns a slight red]

Katarina: Hmph. [Arms folded] You'd think you'd be a bit nicer to a lady.

Frieza: [Rose up] Are we having a dilemma?

Krillin: He doesn't look that strong! I bet I could beat him in this form!

Piccolo: Are you stupid?! Size doesn't matter with power. In this state, he could kill the best.

Frieza: [Grin widens as he fires Ki at Dende]

Katarina, Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo: DENDE!

[The smoke cleared as Dende's dead body was on the ground]

Frieza: [Teasing] Now who'll heal you if you get hurt?

Vegeta: Silence, Frieza. In your eyes right now, is a Super Saiyan. ME!

Frieza: Don't make me laugh, fool.

[Vegeta and Frieza prepared to fight. The screen went black as the same female as yesterday walked]

Female: Vegeta and Frieza duke it out! But only one can rise from this battle! Find out, on the next episode of..[Scratches head] What was this called again?

Other Male: Anime Truth.

Female: Didn't I have some other guy as my camera man? Oh yeah, I fired him. Well, find out on Anime Truth's next episode.

Episode 3- Games and FoolsEdit

[Vegeta dashed at Frieza and began recklessly punching. Frieza was easily dodging this reckless attack.]

Katarina: Oh God..he won't last long like this..

Piccolo: [Talking to Katarina] How do you know Vegeta?

Katarina: [Looks at Piccolo] Huh? [Thinking] I can't tell him that DBZ is a cartoon show in my world.. [Out loud] I just it a problem?

Gohan: Miss, you're very brave at challenging Frieza..

Katarina: Don't sweat it, kid. [Looks at battle]

Krillin: [Shaking] I couldn't do that..

[Back to Vegeta; Frieza had him in a chokehold and repeatedly punched him in the back as he coughed out blood]

Frieza: [Taunting] Now who's the "Super Saiyan"?

Katarina: Oh no! Frieza's gonna kill us all...

Gohan: Don't be pessimistic! [Walks up to the shaking Katarina] My dad's gonna come!

Katarina: [Thinking] His dad..? Goku?! I almost forgot about him!

[Frieza threw Vegeta's battered body by the four. Katarina gasped and went by his dying body.]

Vegeta: [Looks at Katarina] I told you woman..[Coughs] I don't know you..

Katarina: Just shut up. You're dying..[Eyes glistening in tears]

[In Frieza's ship...]

Volume 2- The Helpless GirlEdit

Volume 3- Strong Arm BabeEdit

Volume 4- An Extra BitchEdit

Volume 5- Women and LoveEdit

Volume 6- Hoes and GamesEdit

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