BFFs, Right

Left to Right; Kaede, Kaoru, Masami and Hikaru

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BFFs Forever is the story of four best friends and their challenges, from the day they met.

Chapter 1- CommitmentsEdit

All stories have their flaws and plotholes

Some more obvious than others

I won't try to be the best

But I ain't the worst

Making a hell of a lot of these I can't keep;


"Kaoru....I like you."

Itachi's green eyes looked at the blushing and shocked Kaoru.

"Itachi...I can't!"

Itachi looked at Kaoru as she ran away to her friends.

"I fucking screwed this up!"

Kaoru wiped tears as Itachi looked away.

"She's not ready...."

Itachi walked back to his house, constantly looking back, to see Kaoru, running.

"Kaede, Masami, Hikaru! I'd never be so happy to see you.."

Kaoru hugged her three best friends, who were almost like sisters and Masami shook her head.


Masami smacked Kaoru and Kaoru held her throbbing cheek.

"That was uncalled for, Masami!"

Kaede looked at Masami, who had her arms folded, defiantly.

"But...she was right! Itachi was RIGHT there, and told her that he liked her, then she RAN! Utter failure, Kaoru."

Hikaru looked at Kaoru, who had a frown.

"Girls...listen, I really do like Itachi..."

Kaoru hesitated as she looked at the full moon.

"Keep going!"

Masami looked at Kaoru.


Kaoru finally looked at her friends, with tears glistening in her blue eyes.

"Kaoru! Tell us!"

Kaede looked at Kaede.

"Alright...I really do like him, but my parents...don't want me with him."

Kaoru wiped tears as she wept. Her parents didn't want her with a delinquent like Itachi Souzo. She broke down, weeping with her friends. "Hmph, you should tell your parents that LOVE is the first thing! Not his rep!"

Masami put her hands on her hips, shaking her head.

"You know my dad.."

Kaoru put her head in her hands and began to cry.

"Aw..Kaoru....don't cry. You'll ruin your mascara!"

Kaede went up to Kaoru, followed by Hikaru and Masami.

Chapter 2- ProjectsEdit

Chapter 3- ThingsEdit

Chapter 4- ThreatsEdit

Chapter 5- RumoursEdit

Chapter 6- LoveEdit

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