Battle Couarge is a Fan-Made Thu'um Shout in "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim".

Battle Courage (Shout)

Word Wall Locations

Havius Crypts ,High Falls Ruins, Brown Hawk Redoubt

Words of Power

Wield/Battle Courage, Destroy/Battle Courage, Scare/Battle Courage

Known Users

Dragur Deathlords (Rarely)


It Cause's anyone nearby up to Level 15 engage in battle. The Words are FUH MA KUS! This Shout was used by Ancient Nords.


The First Word for the Shout is in High Falls Ruins; Scare/Battle Courage

The Second Word for the Shout is in Havius Crypts; Wield/Battle Courage

The Third Word for the shout is in Brown Hawk Redoubt; Destroy/Battle Courage


The Shout can Bug and be stuck until you leave or load another save. All Consoles/PC

Its a great shout if one wants to level up.

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