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"This is pathetic. It's no wonder we wiped out you Draconian fools. You don't deserve to live!"
— Cobra, at Kai.

In this article, Blank Out, there is profanity present. If you are sensitive to swearing, do not read any further.

Blank Out
Blank Out Logo
Audiobook cover and promotional artwork.
Blank Out
Important Information
Author (s) Zeon Adams
Country Wikia
Language English
Series Draconian Chronicles
Genre (s) Sci-Fi/Action
Followed by Blank Out: Wrath of the Cyborgs
Current Chapter Chapter 1- Sleeper
Total Chapters 16

Blank Out is a new story by Zeon Adams. It follows the two sole survivors of the Draconian race.

Prologue- FallEdit

In a forest some 50 miles away from the nearest civilization, a man ran as fast as he could. Well, not a man. But certainly a male humanoid being, who ran faster than anyone on Earth.

Behind him, a loud cacophony of snapping branches and curses told him that his pursuers were getting closer. And having to run after him certainly wasn't helping their tempers.

The forest abruptly ended at a small clearing, with a large chasm filling most of the space. The male skidded to a halt, looking over it with a worried expression. While he was sure he could cross the gap, would that slow him down enough so his pursuers could catch up with him?

Another round of snapping branches spurred him to action. He let out a yell and leaped above the chasm. Except he didn't fall. He floated.

He then steered himself quickly and flew across, landing panting, the toll of flying obviously getting to him. He took a few steps toward the opposite side.

Suddenly a large burst of what could only be called energy shot out, striking the male in the chest, filling the area with a large explosion, leaving another, bigger chasm.

Silence reigned.

Chapter 1- SleeperEdit

Chapter 2- BattleEdit

Chapter 3- AfterlifeEdit

Chapter 4- TrainingEdit

Chapter 5- ReinforcementsEdit

Chapter 6- ForceEdit

Chapter 7- ReturnEdit

Chapter 8- Journey's BeginningEdit

Chapter 9- New PlanetEdit

Chapter 10- TyrantEdit

Chapter 11- ConfrontationEdit

Chapter 12- ClashEdit

Chapter 13- Last ResortEdit

Chapter 14- TransformationEdit

Chapter 15- AdvantageEdit

Chapter 16- HomeEdit

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