Blasrl is a anatgonist of the fan-series Dragonball:Super duper maity. He is a big giant bug which came from an


radioactive radio station

Fight against Z-FightersEdit

Blasrl had arrived during the battle between Goten and Pete. Blasrl arrived and instantly ended Pete. Goten started fighting Blasrl, but ultimately failed. Blasrl finished off Goten with his signature blast the specil beem galic firing mansko ha demon wave absorshun ah lord friza deth beem kamehame spirt bom super kamehame kao ken dragon fis 10x kamehame destruco disk monster cruh elegant blast mysic flashr meteor combintion chou makhou antena beem sadistic 18 you will die by my hand angry kamehame dirty ifirewuks vanshing beem choclit kamehame thundr flash recome eraser gun body change continous die die missle android barrier big bang attack finsh buster fusion ha galic gun.

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