Mevon: I was your normal everyday saiyan, fought, trained, and ate a lot. But after the disaster as a kid, I didn't want to look back. Stranded on a planet full of humans, and the last Saiyan alive, I knew I was alone. But I will pull through! I will!

Episode 1: Stranded on EarthEdit

Mevon: I may be a 18 year old, but I know better. People are scared of me, and thats what they should be doing. But I feel alone, more or less stressed, all of my race nearly extinct. I just wish one voice...

Jamie: Hello.

Mevon: What? Who are you? You are scared of me! I know! Leave me alone!

Jamie: I just said hi?

Mevon: Who do you think you are?

Jamie: Ummm, a female?

Mevon: Stay back or I will blast your face!

Jamie: Okay...weirdo....

<Jamie Walks Away>

Mevon: Wait a minute, black hair, black eyes, it has to be a female Saiyan in disguise! Wait!

Jamie: What now?

Mevon: I can't believe I never noticed that you were a Saiyan...

Jamie: A...what?

Mevon: Wow you are so clever!

Jamie: I'm gonna run, before more...weird things happen....

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