Zombie Assasin
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Mason Max (Creator)
Status Alive
Eye Color None
Hair Color None
Height 6'8
Affiliation Z Rebellion, Max Family
Weapons Many
Species Robot
Home California (Moves from place to place)
Alignment Good



Borot is a robot created by Mason Max. He was created to serve Mason's family but his program was later change because of the zombies infection. His new program was to kill zombies and protect Mason's children.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Speed- Borot can run as fast a sports car. It can go at a speed of 190 MPH.

Rockets- Borot has two fire rockets in each leg.

Weapons- Borot has two missiles in his fist and two machine guns inside his legs. He also has a RPG in his arm and 4 pistols in his other arm.

Ammo- All of Borot's weapons ammo is inside his chest and back.

Laser Beams- His eyes shoot lasers.

Bomb- Borot may self-destruct if Mason requests to or if Borot need to. The only person to be able to deactivate Borot's boomb is Mason's family.

Memory Card- Borot records everything when he is awake and stores it in his memory card. His memory card also has a GPS and internet.

Vision- Borot also has infrared vision, night vision and negative vision.

Martial Arts- Borot knows all types of Martial Arts that is in the internet.