Burlbeard Portrait
Burlbeard Stonehammer
Species Dwarf
Homeworld Azeroth
Gender Male
Height Unspecified
Affiliation Mechanical Lobster Coalition
Relatives Distant relatives:
Bera Stonehammer
Kurdram Stonehammer
Roetten Stonehammer
Thelgrum Stonehammer
Zima Stonehammer
Era Between 3rd War & World of Warcraft

Burlbeard Stonehammer is a Dwarf who is best known for his formerly serving amongst the original fleet of the Mechanical Lobster Coalition under the traitorous Noirren Melosus. Having been born into the Stonehammer family, he is distantly related to all of their kind; however his immediate family is not well-known.

Early Life Edit

Burlbeard was a typical young dwarf, although he was often teased by his peers because his beard naturally grew into knots, making it notoriously difficult for him to maintain. It was this trait in fact where his first name came from as the knots in his beard were like the burls of a tree. Because of the teasing since his youth by others, he initially grew to resent his name, and more often than not ended up in physical altercations with others. While some may have frowned upon this behavior early on, it strengthened him over time and led him down the path of a warrior. He continued to possess a distaste for his name until after he saved his crewmates from an attack that otherwise may have killed them all, which he fought off on his own. After this, his name — Burlbeard — was spoken in hushed whispers by those who had formerly given him such guff in his youth, and he began to wear his name as a badge of honor.

The Mechanical Lobster Coalition Edit

Burlbeard eventually came across the leaders of the Mechanical Lobster Coalition, a small band of pirate-fishermen who patrolled the waters of the Great Sea outside of Lordaeron, Azeroth and the Wetlands near Dun Morogh. Burlbeard chose to sign up and was quickly assigned to the Sunrunner, captained by Admiral Melosus, as the enforcer. He was immediately successful in his position, and although his gruff attitude did not immediately win him many friends, he became well-respected after saving the entire crew from a large Threshadon who attacked the ship for the hold of fish and lobsters it contained. After that day, he was often seen carrying around the ship's harpoon, which he used well in the defense of the ship a number of times, both from monsters of the sea as well as from other pirates.

Admiral Melosus & the Tragedy Edit

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Charity's Revenge Edit

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After the Mechanical Lobster Coalition Edit

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