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Celestial Warriors, Attack; is the third episode of Fear of the Dark.


Thursday, May 3rd of 2012, things have taken a wrong turn the next day after Layla's big 20th birthday, and the Celestial Warriors are already charging to their first battle.

Kat: <Blood seeping out of mouth> Grrh...FUCKERS! You'll pay for everyone you've killed! <Red flame erupts from only arm working and charges the energy fueled punch at Nasoe, the one who killed Katrine> HAAH! <Punches, only to find that it doesn't harm her>

Nasoe: <Holds up arm> Hahaha! Petty human! You will die today, bitch! <Rips arm off halfway through, and a large amount of blood and fluid falls on her clothes> GAAH! I JUST BOUGHT THAT OUTFIT!! <Holds her in neck snapping position> Di-

Novae: NASOE! Don't!

Nasoe: <Grits teeth> Novae-sama! But..

Novae: <Whispers> You want her to be in agony..<Touches her lips> Right?

Nasoe: Uhm.. <Blushes> Of course, Novae-sama..Any- <Punch from left causes Nasoe to seep blood> Gaah! Again?! My outfit's ruined!!

Brian: There's always washers somewhere, even in space!

Layla: <Gasp> Kat!! <Catches falling body> Who did this to you?

Kat: The one..That looks like..Zangya but with black hair, white eyes, and red skin..<Falls unconsious and Zeon feels her pulse>

Zeon: She's not dead, Layla. She's alive, but barely. That girl must've really kicked her ass.

Henry: It doesn't matter if she kicked her ass or not, WE HAVE TO FOCUS ON THEM! They're massacring Brian out there! We're a team, right?! So that means we gotta attack them together!

Nah Hae: We can't do it..There's only six of us and seven of them..

Iker: <Flies from nowhere> So?! <Slaps Nah Hae> You can't be pessimistic NOW! Let's fight now, while we still have a chance!

Henry: <Mouths to the screen: How come I don't get lines?!> Iker's right..Let's do this! Without Kat or not, we have a chance! <Walks to Layla> Layla! Get off the pavement and kick their asses!

Layla: <Looks up to Henry with white flames with no irises or pupils around her eyes> I could take the anger out on you, or take it out on her. So shut up and deal with it, bitch.

Brian: Hurry up! I'm get- <Multiple punches and kickes to face>

The five remaining warriors flew up to the Novae Warriors, and stared them at the eyes..

Layla: GRRH! I'M FUCKING SICK OF THIS! <Charges up white energy ball size of the campus> TAKE THIS! <Hand held back by Zeon>

Zeon: Layla! Don't do it.

Layla: <Turns head fully around like a creepy scary movie thing> Why not!?

Zeon: Because...He has Kat's body as a shield. If you fired that, you'd kill Kat, Iker, Nah Hae, and Brian!

Layla: <Blast shrinks until it vanishes and she descends> Fine..



Nah Hae: Who..Gives..a DAMN?! <A red energy blast formed in her hand, while the rest of them had energyblasts forming as well> LET'S DANCE!

They all fired medium sized blasts which turned into one large white blast with blue, red and yellow streaks as a pattern.

Vaeon and Vaeno: SHIT!

Nasoe: Ridiculous, this is fucking child's play! <Deflects the blast> Now..For our counter attack.. Vaeon! Vaeno! Aveon! Aveno! Naseo! Novae-sama! Let's do this!


Kat: FINALLY! Bitch, ya'll better know this, I'm comin back sometime! Anyway, next time on Fear of the Dark, the Novae Warriors make their counterattack against us. Come on, guys I know you can do this! Don't die on me!

TrueWarrior: Read the lines correctly next time before I kill you off..FOREVER.

Kat: Oh no, please, TW-dono, anythin but!

TrueWarrior: Good, anyway, sorry I keep making short episodes, guys, it's my writing style to make short chapters or episodes! Bai! <Closes with a black curtain>

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