Chaos is the epitimy and the spitting, walking image of evil and destruction. He was the symbiote king, father of the Venom symbiote, and he was locked away in the deepest prison on the symbiote planet. He broke out, and Venom was sent to Earth. Chaos showed up with an army of symbiotes, ready for war.


Chaos was the symbiote king for a three milleniums. He ruled under fear and tyranny, and destroyed everything that annoyed him. During this time, a rebellion has been forming. Chaos gave birth to a symbiote known as Venom. After Venom's birth, the entire symbiote population overthrew Chaos, and threw him in Tartarus, the deepest, most horrible prison on the planet. 10,000 years later, chaos broke free, and started killing everything in order to reunite with his spawn. Since Venom was the most powerful symbiote on the planet, next to Chaos, the symbiotes sent him to a random planet on the other side of the universe to save him.

Ten years later, Venom has found a host known as Eddie Brock. Chaos appeared out of nowhere with an army to consume the planet as he usually does to all planets that he passes by, and to reunite with Venom. After absorbing him, Spiderman had to resort to being absorbed by Chaos to free Venom from inside. Venom then fused with Carnage to make the symbiote Extermination. That symbiote was enough to ERASE CHAOS FROM EXISTENCE.

Chaos Evolved Form

Chaos first form.


Base Form- Pic shown there. This is Chaos's most basic form, but still lethal as ever.

Full Power (Venom Absorbed) This is Chaos's most powerful dangerous form. He can kill a person with one small kick in this form. The only way to achieve this form was to absorb Venom. After he did this, not even the combined efforts of Toxin, Spider Man, Carnage, and the rest of the team was enough to stop him.
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Chaos Full Power