Weepiyonwinnibom MS Sprite
Chief Weepiyonwinnibom
Species Diakatanian Human
Homeworld Diakatan
Gender Male
Height Unspecified
Affiliation Ia Tribe
Relatives Wanahanaloa (father)
Palakalamoa (paternal grandfather)
Plarkiloa (son)
Era Unspecified

Chief Weepiyonwinnibom is the current chieftain of the Ia Tribe. When someone asks him about the origin of his name he informs them that it is simply gibberish, finishing his explanation with the words, "Why does every name have to hold some sort of meaning to you people?".


Like all chieftains of his tribe, he wears a headdress made from the feathers of an avian species which he collected the feathers of. In his case, the feathers collected belonged to the Stormkhrows which, while still mystical in nature, indicate to his people that he is somewhat less of a hero than his father and grandfather.



As a chieftain of the Ia, he has an extended lifespan, able to live for around 300 years. This is primarily due to each chieftain's wearing of magically infused feather headdresses. Special customs are done to keep these magics from dissipating after the feathers have been gathered, and these headdresses are secreted away once a chieftain has been slain or died of natural causes.

Weepiyonwinnibom's powers stem from the feathers of his headdress, in his case a Stormkhrow. This gives him powers over the weather, allowing him to bring forth or dissipate storms, including rain, snow, hail, lightning, and tornadoes. Even so, this leaves him as one of the weakest of all Ia chieftains. With that being said, he uses these powers to provide his tribe's crops with the perfect weather conditions, leading to near-perfect harvests.

As a warrior people, he is also trained in combat and is quite powerful naturally.


As chieftain of the Ia Tribe, he is involved in every tribemember's life. He is also the grandson of Palakalamoa, son of Wanahanaloa, and the father of Plarkiloa.

Background HistoryEdit


  • His name is pronounced like "weepy yawn whinny bomb", although it was not inspired by any of those words.

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