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The Childhood Saga is the 1st saga in The Life Of Bardock. It features Bardock's childhood with his friends.

Chapter 1: BardockEdit

Opens on the original Saiyan home planet being destroyed by the Original Super Saiyan, and hundreds of rockets escaping the planet, and its fiery doom, then the planet explodes a fiery, blinding explosion, in a ship.

Baby Bardock: Wahhhh! Wahhhhh! [Crying in a metal cradle]

Bardock's mother: It's gonna be alright, Bardock, there there, [Looks at Planet Saiyan Explode] Ahh!

Saiyan: Its okay Lettune, we are gonna find a planet to live on soon, and maybe little Bardock there will conquer a planet sometime soon.

Lettune: [Gulp]

4 years later.......

Shows Young Bardock training with other Saiyan friends in a room in the spaceship.....

Young Fasha: You can't beat, my kicks of fury! [Tries kicking Young Tora]

Young Tora: Ouch! Hey that isn't fair!

Young Fasha: [Giggle]

Young Tora: I bet you can't beat Bardock!

Young Bardock: [Walks from shadows] I can beat anybody!

Young Fasha: Oh yeah! Try to beat my Hands of doom! [Starts slapping Bardock in the face]

Bardock: Oh yeah! [Crouches down and knocks Fasha over by sweeping his legs under her, then throws a blast, Fasha dodges the blast and throws a blast at Bardock, and he gets hit]

Bardock: Ouch! ouch! ouch! That was hot! Grrrrrr!

Fasha: [Giggle]

Tora and Shugesh: Ha ha! You got beat by a girl! ha ha!

Bardock: Yeah real funny guys, laugh it up.

Saiyan guard: [Opens door] Okay kids time to go to your private training rooms, comon!

Bardock walking down the hall with guard to his training room,

Bardock: Hey, do you think I'll ever become a Super Saiyan?

Soldier: Hey! Don't speak that way! The Super saiyan is the one who blew our planet up 4 years ago! If it wasn't for him, your father would not have died with him!

Bardock: Oh, sorry.

Enters the private training room,

Soldier: There, now show me your best to impress your mother!

Bardock: Okay.

Chapter 2: Bardock's bestEdit

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