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"Let's rock this, Cocoa!"
— Extreme

Chronicles of Fanon and Data Wiki is about the wikia being rockin' rock stars and living their life.


The rockers came out of the room and into Zeon's garage.

Titanium: ONE, TWO, ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR! <Drums a beat>

Extreme: <Plays Guitar>

Aku: <Plays bass>

KTK, Xero, Zeon: <Does what backup singers do>

Cocoa: <Plays saxophone>

True: <Sings jazz song>

After True finished the song, Zeon said something that would spark this entire story..

Zeon: How about we go on The Voice?

Xero: I doubt they'll let a band go o-

Just as Xero was interrupted, a card slipped from the garage, with The Voice on it.

All of the FAD-tastic members: <SCREAM>

They traveled from their garage in San Diego to Los Angeles, the home of The Voice. The cameras began to film, and they talked about their life.

Trying to Find YourselfEdit

The eight teenagers saw the chairs turned back, and Extreme began to talk.

Extreme: Yeah, we're gonna sing one of our originals..

Titanium: HIT IT! <Drums>

Extreme: <Plays Guitar>

Aku: <Plays bass>

KTK, Xero, Zeon: <Does what backup singers do>

Cocoa: <Plays saxophone>

True: <Sings jazz song identical to one yesterday>

Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green's chair turned around. True nearly teared up but still sang like a dream. When the song was finished, Adam spoke.

Adam: As much as we would love a team..We can only include you,' the singer. What's your guys names?'

True: I'm True, the drummer's Extreme, the bass player is Aku and the three amigos are KTK, Xero and Zeon, man. Next season?

The rest of the band walked, as the rest of them cried together.

True: Guys..I'll miss you.respectively, and my friend Cocoa is the saxophonist.. And I choose Cee Lo. Adam, I love you, but another time,

Cocoa gave her the evil eye, and those soft beige eyes spoke, "You knew..Didn't you? The rules?"

A few months later..True won The Voice. She met up with her friends in Zeon's garage.

True: <Holding award> Hey guys! <Smiles>

Xero: Shut up.

True: <Shocked face> What's up guys? Tell me!

The rest of the band walked out of Zeon's garage.

Zeon: <Screams> GUYS!

The band stared at him.

Zeon: You guys can't do this! We've been friends ever since Pre-K! We've fought, we've lost, and we can't just leave like that over just some..DUMB ASS RULES! We're best friends, bandmates, brothers and siblings forever! We're..FADtastic! And we have to stay together..No matter what. We've made memories, unlike anyother before. WE just...Cant..


In Fifth Grade for our FADtastic friends..

Zeon: Guys! Just because we're going off to middle school doesn't mean we can all of a sudden break up just because! We're best friends, brothers and siblings and future bandmates forever! We have to stay together..No matter what.

KTK: You know what Zeon..You're right.

Titanium: Come on, guys! <Hands in a circle>

Everyone: FRIENDS FOREVER! FADTASTIC! <Falls and laughs>

<Flashback ends>

Everyone: FADTASTIC FRIENDS FOREVER! <Hands go up and mysterious glow emanates from hands>

Aku: It feels everytime we are together..A glow comes from our hands. Are we..Super?

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