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"I am Corina, and I'm not afraid of any shit! Not even Kakarot scares me!"
— Corina

Corina is the second child of Katarina and Vegeta. She is the younger and fraternal twin of Yuzuro.


Corina has black hair with a blonde streak. She, however doesn't have heterochromia iridium like her brother and has black eyes like her father. She has her father's widow's peak and her mother's hairstyle. As a kid, she was 4'7", wore a pink top with blue gi pants, along with Saiyan boots and gloves.

Now, Corina wears a half, red top with baggy sleeves. Her black bra straps are visible and she wears a blue skirt (very hindering vs male opponents) and black boots. She is now 5'7" and has hooped earrings.


Future CorinaEdit

Read this.

Present CorinaEdit

Read this.


Corina is very wild and reckless. She doesn't fear authority and is always updated on fashion. She loves a girl's night out with her girlfriends. However, she trains alot and can be rude. Corina can be nice, but only if she wants something from you. In reality, she is just a girl wanting to fit in and become the best (and sexiest) warrior.



  • Corina has a great relationship with her parents.
  • Future Corina is much more serious than the present one.
  • She inherited her mother's nipple birthmarks.
  • Corina is based off of Cocoabean's younger sister.
  • Her theme song is Pyrite by Frank Ocean, and her secondary theme song is Headlock by Imogen Heap.


  • Super Saiyan- Reached at a young age.
  • Super Saiyan 2- Achieved during training.


  • Dirty Tools- Green Ki blasts fired at the opponent
  • Clean Music- Forest green Ki blasts fired at opponent, followed by a knockout punch.
  • Zoneout- Corina gets in a meditative stance, and while in that stance, she fires Dirty Tools at the opponent from her mind.
  • Flight- Levitation
  • Ki Blast- Mostly green or forest green.
  • Martial Arts Skills
  • End- Her finishing move. A forest green Ki blast the size of 20 iPhones.


"Wait up, Inoue!"
— Corina with her friends

"Yuzuro! Come on, you have to do this with me!"
— Corina begging Yuzuro

"Why should you care, dad?!"
— Corina

— Corina

"Hey, Goten! COME OUT AND PLAY!"
— Kid Corina

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