This story, Darknight, is property of Kuro Selas.

A story written by Kuro Selas, about the world after the 3rd Great War.


Jason was a geneticist who had been working on a cellular regeneration program for the Dark Lake City government. The program would help those who lost a limb during the 3rd Great War. But everything changed when he lost everything he held dear and he decided to follow a path of revenge.


In the year 2058 humanity reached its limit. The world resources were ending and there wasn’t enough to satisfy everyone in the world, so the third Great War began.

Countries fought each other for the control of those last resources but in their quest for power, they destroyed almost everything.

Governments fell and the Corporation’s were born. Societies controlled by the most powerful man in the world were now in control of everything.

As the war ended the corporations assured that new towns were built to ensure the safety of the last remaining humans on this devastated world.

The radiation of a nuclear war filled the air, and with time it gave birth to a new species of animals, plants and birds.

These new species were called mutants, and although some of them looked normal, others looked hideous, and mankind wasn’t ready to accept them. Instead they closed their cities and waged war against them.

The mutants were forced to run and hide, as mankind hunted them down. The fear that guided humanity would bring upon a new war…

Chapter 1 - DeathEdit

The long night working at his project in the lab had left Jason devastated. He had been working in the cell regeneration program along with Professor David since he graduated college, two years ago. Lately there were some advancement since they could already regenerate lost limbs from rats; the next phase would be done by performing tests on apes before they could finally move to humans. When Jason got home his girlfriend Anna was already sleeping. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin, which shined like the moon. After so many years Jason was still amazed by her beauty and she was the one person that could always make him smile. He walked slowly towards the bed trying not to wake her, but as soon as he got inside it she turned to his side.

"Working late again, darling?" - Murmured Anna half asleep.

"Yes, sorry Anna." - said Jason as he put his arm around her. "We're so close, I can feel it."

Anna smiled and fell asleep again in Jason’s arms.

In the next day Jason decided to take the day off, it had been a while since he and Anna went for a walk.

The look of the city gardens was simply amazing, no one would imagine all the pain and suffering those people went through, and no one could imagine what would happen in that fateful day.

After a long walk Jason and Anna headed for the Apollo, a restaurant was well known in the city and people normally went there on special occasions.

“We’re having dinner at the Apollo? This is too expensive Jason…” – said Anna as they arrived at the Apollo’s door.

“Don’t worry about it. We never eat out, so I don’t think there will be problem. Besides I’m getting a raise next month.” – said Jason smiling

The Apollo was really amazing, the red velvet chairs, the fancy tables and the chandeliers, gave it a luxurious look.

After the main course and just before desert, a Petit Gateau that Jason picked.

"Anna, I've been thinking... We've been together for nine years now, and I think it's time for us to take the next step..."

Anna blushed as she couldn't believe what she was hearing; Jason was going to purpose...

Jason got on one knee and took a box from his jacket.

"Anna will you...?"

001 (2) - Cópia

Pyro, the mutant with the burnt face.

Before Jason could finish the front door of the restaurant blew up, and some of the tables were sent flying.

Five mutants were standing at the door yelling at everyone to lie down, so Jason grabbed Anna close to him trying to protect her and they both crouched next to one of the pillars of the restaurant.

"Everyone just stand put and no one will get hurt, we just came for the food!" - shouted one of the mutants, who had half of his face burnt, was missing an eye and was wearing a long black overcoat.

A tall mutant with blue skin and another one with lizard skin headed for the kitchen while the other were watching the room.

Suddenly Anna's phone rang and she went for her purse to turn it off.

"What are you doing? Trying to call the cops?" - said a red haired mutant who caught Anna with her phone in her hand and grabbed her.

“Let her go!" – said Jason as he grabbed a knife and tried to cut the red haired mutant. But from out of nowhere a mutant with a mechanical arm appeared and shredded Jason’s arm making him release the weapon.

“A knife? That's unfair don't you think?" - said the mutant as the sound of the police sirens could already be heard in the distance. “He told you to stand put and you had to play the hero”

Jason was bleeding and he fell to the ground. He’s arm was completely shredded by the iron claw of the mutant.

"Hunter, let’s go" - said the mutant with the burnt face.

Jason held the wound in pain, before he collapsed he heard the mutants speaking to each other.

"What about the girl Aden?" – said Hunter

"Bring her; we'll use her as a hostage" – said Aden

Three days later in the Dark Lake City's Hospital

Jason woke up wishing that everything that had happened had been just the worst nightmare ever, but as soon as he looked towards his left arm he understood that the nightmare was very real and that there was nothing he could do now.

The doctors had to amputate his arm, the bone had been completely broken and the muscles were ripped apart, like he had just been by a mountain lion.

Days passed and Jason fell into depression, the news stated that the mutants had killed the hostage, Anna was dead.

With his arm cut out and the love of his life gone Jason only thought about revenge and suicide, until one day excellent news came from the lab.

They had tested the formula on an ape and it worked. Seeing a chance to get his arm back Jason made his way into the lab, but when he got there he saw the lab strangely empty.

He went to the computer and saw the advances the research had went through while he was away. It was amazing how it went so well, there wasn't a single side effect in five days of testing.

With such magnificent results Jason had no doubts, so he injected himself with the formula.

He felt his body burning as his arm was rebuilt. The bones, muscles and skin were all reappearing from out of nowhere. As he twisted in pain he gazed upon a terrible scene, lying on the ground behind one of the desks was David with his head ripped off.

What could have happened? Who would do such a thing? Jason didn't have to wonder any longer as David's killer presented himself before him.

Chapter 2 - Dark PathEdit

Jason's eyes were set upon the simian creature. What was once a simple chimpanzee had now became a killing machine.

The ape’s missing leg had become completely black, darker than night and its eyes had become red, and as the creature looked upon Jason it sprung its attack.

It jumped towards him and landed right on his chest making Jason spit blood. It tried to smash Jason's head into the concrete floor but before the simian could do it Jason grabbed his neck using his left arm. To his surprise his arm was also turning black.

Was that a side effect from the formula? And if it was, what caused it to manifest so fast if it took five days for the chimpanzee to become like he was now?

Jason didn't have time to think about what was causing the mutation in his arm, as the ape tried once more to go for his head, but Jason was able to push the ape back and get back on his feet.

He took a scalpel from one of the tables of the lab and prepared himself to face the chimpanzee.

The simian ran towards him and jumped in the direction of his face, but Jason caught him in the air and stabbed him in the stomach.

Bleeding, the ape seemed to give up, but as Jason lowered his guard it was still able to bite Jason's neck and shred his carotid artery, making Jason fall once more.

What was he thinking? He was a scientist not a fighter... He could never defeat that monster, and now his life was fading away, as his blood created a puddle in the ground surrounding his head, he felt drowsy, cold, desperate...

Jason tried to stop the bleeding, but the artery was completely torn apart and the blood just continued to pour from the wound. But then something strange happened. The wound began to heal and the bleeding stopped.

What had just happened? Jason couldn't understand how he could have healed from such a deep wound. Did it mean that he was invincible? Was he immortal? Questions filled his head, but no answers came to his mind.

Hearing a window shattering, he got back on his feet and watched as the ape jumped out of the lab and into the street. Jason was safe for now, but the people on the street would be in danger if that monster was to attack them, he had to do something.

Leaving the building in a hurry Jason didn't take time to look at the mirror. The wound that had just closed had also been covered with a black substance, similar to the substance that covered his arm, and his eyes were red just like the chimpanzee’s eyes.

He hurried to the street level and he saw the ape in the distance heading towards a library, just as Jason started to run he heard people scream. Did the ape already strike there? He looked towards the source of the scream just to find that those persons were looking towards him.

Jason looked at his reflection in the window of a car-pod and he understood their fear.

“This can’t be…” – he said as he realized what he had become.

The sirens could already be heard in the distance. If the police was to catch him like this he would certainly be treated as a mutant, so he had to hide as fast as possible.

Jason ran through the alleys and avoided any crowded places on his way home.

As he arrived he felt that all his strength was fading, his head hurt and he was feeling heavy, and has he started to walk towards the kitchen after closing the door he collapsed.

The next day Jason woke up feeling just as tired as if he hadn't sleep at all, his mouth was dry and he was sweating.

“It’s gone…” – said Jason as he looked towards his arm and he saw that the black substance had disappeared.

With the feeling that his head was weighting a ton, Jason went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and some aspirins and he turned the TV on.

"Yesterday, another mutant incident occurred. A strange mutant with red eyes and a black arm wondered through Callaway Street and his location is still undetermined at the moment. The police managed to catch a simian with the same characteristics of the mutant and they believe there is some kind of connection between the two of them."

The chief of police appeared after that giving a press conference.

"They must be stopped, two invasions in two weeks is something we were not expecting. Measures are already being taken to stop this menace, we will protect Dark Lake city from those freaks" - stated the chief of police.

"Freaks...That's what they are calling me now..." - said Jason as he looked to his arm. Although the mutation had disappeared completely he wasn’t sure that it would come back.

After cleaning himself up Jason headed for the lab to look into the research, but when he got there he saw that the police had turned the lab into a crime scene, and the entrance was blocked.

He made his way to the commanding officer, pretending not to know anything about the accident.

“What happened here?" - asked Jason.

"Dr. David was murdered." - The commanding officer looked towards Jason- "Lieutenant Matt Mullins" - the lieutenant extended his hand to salute Jason.

"Jason Moore, I used to work here, Dr. David was my superior. I can’t believe this happened. Do you have any clues about the murderer?"

"The forensics is still working in the room, so we have nothing so far. Do you know anyone who might have held a grudge against him?"

"No, he always kept to himself. He was a really nice guy once you've got to know him, and he was crazy about our research"

"Well and what has brought you here? According to the records we’ve got you’re on a sick leave because of that mutant assault on the Apollo."

"Dr. David called me a few days ago. He told me that he had made some advancement in our research. I came by just to check it out. I never thought..." - Jason pretended that he didn't knew that David was dead, and if it was all a chock to him.

"Well you'll be able to return after we examine everything. It will take a few days though. "

A police officer came towards Jason and Matt holding some tapes.

"Sir, we found this tape. It seems the professor recorded everything that happened in the lab."

"Good, if we're lucky the killer was caught on one of those." - said the Lieutenant.

They found a tape? Just what he needed, he would be exposed as a freak if those images were to be revealed to the public. Suddenly Jason began to feel like his blood was boiling, he couldn't understand what was happening to him, but he thought it would be best for him to leave.

He bid the Lieutenant farewell and left. He headed for a public bathroom nearby and locked himself in.

As he looked in the mirror he saw that is eyes were red and his wound had already begun to turn black.

What was happening to him? What was the trigger of that change?

Jason wanted to find the answers for those questions but he had something he needed to do first. He had to destroy the tape before someone could lay eyes on it. He tried to cover his face with his shirt but he understood that if he was caught he would immediately be identified, so he was going to have to recur to drastic measures.

"There is no other way..."

Jason was in front of the mirror looking at his reflection. The memory of the day of Anna's death came to his mind; she was all he ever cared about….

As a child Jason was really problematic, he was an orphan of the war, whose parents were killed right in front of him. But when he met Anna in the orphanage everything changed. Anna was beautiful and kind, and when he was with her he forgot how cruel the world could be.

With time they became good friends and Jason became much calmer. He went to college to study genetics, with a scholarship from the government since he was considered a genius and when he graduated they decided to live together. But all of that were just memories now, and Anna was gone.

Jason closed his eyes and smashed his face against the mirror . The blood started dripping from his face, and the pain was strangely gone.

He ripped the pieces of glass from his wounds and he hoped that his face displayed the same regenerative properties his arm and throat had displayed.

"Come on, don't let me down now…" - said Jason as he waited for the bleeding to stop.

Suddenly his face began to heal forming a dark mask, making him sigh in relief.

He headed out of the bathroom and saw the police officer who had the tape walking towards a police car pod.

Jason was normally very peaceful and he was reluctant to attack a human being, but he had no choice this time. He ran towards the cop and before the police officer could get the change to pull his gun out; Jason punched him with brute force knocking the policeman unconscious.

The punch delivered by Jason's left arm to the police officer's face echoed through the alley nearby. It seems that the formula also increased his strength and he was now much stronger than he ever was.

"Sorry." - said Jason as he crouched to pick up the tape, but as soon as he had it in his hand he heard a gunshot that almost made his heart stop.

The bullet passed inches away from him, and the police officer who fired against him was aiming to Jason's head with a laser.

"Stop right there, you freak!" - shouted the police officer.

"You had to call me a freak didn’t you" – the words came out of Jason’s mouth as he picked himself up. Something was changing inside of him, it was just like his primal instincts were taking over him and the adrenaline was pumping through his veins like a drug.

His eyes had a sadistic look in them and he began to feel strange. Suddenly the feelings of revenge he felt in the last couple of weeks were growing stronger within him. The mutants had killed his girlfriend; the girl he was going to purpose to and now a cop came and called him a freak, treating him like he was one of them. It was just unbearable, his heart raced even faster and he found himself punching that second cop even harder, making him fly straight into the wall.

The noise of the fight made the other policeman come down from the building and Jason ran before any of them could get to him. He hid in the sewers until all the darkness in him was gone.

Finally he understood what was causing the changes in him. Every time he got angry or in a stressful situation the adrenaline in his system increased causing his mutation. It was all connected to his nervous system and his emotions, it was uncontrollable...

Chapter 3 - RevengeEdit

Jason had to test himself in his transformed state but the lab was closed due to David's death. He tried to devise a plan on his way home but nothing came to his mind. If adrenaline was indeed the trigger of his transformation how would he control it?

While making his way home he came to meet someone he didn't expect to see so soon.

In the distance an explosion occurred, this time the mutants had attacked a shopping center. They were getting dangerous and they had to be stopped.

The feelings of revenge started to grow inside him, he looked at his arm and watched as it became dark, but this time he wasn't going to fight this change. He would have his revenge against those who killed Anna, he would destroy them all.

“This time he won’t get way!”- said Jason as he ran towards the shopping center through the middle of a scared crowd who was running away from the explosion.

As Jason arrived he saw that the mutants were only four now, the one with the red hair that was holding Anna had disappeared, along with another one with lizard skin and a new one was taking their place.

The group of mutants was carrying an operation similar to the one they carried on the restaurant; while two of them were controlling the room the other two collected the supplies.

Without warning, Jason punched the tall mutant with blue skin. The powerful punch was enough to make the giant drop to the ground unconscious.

"What the hell?" - Said Aden as he looked towards Jason - "Who are you?"

"I’m your worst nightmare!" - screamed Jason as he ran towards Aden to knock him out. But from out of nowhere Hunter appeared and tried to slash Jason once more, but this time Jason was able to avoid it.

"Humph...this seems familiar." - said Jason just before he kicked Hunter in the back. He was much stronger since their last encounter.

"Do I know you?" - asked Hunter as he recognized Jason's voice.

"Have you lost your memory? Well if you have I'll make things a little clear for you." - said Jason just before he started running towards Hunter.

Just before Jason could hit him, Hunter caught him and he gave Jason no chance to react, he shoved his claw straight into Jason's chest and ripped his heart out. Blood was pouring and he let Jason fell to the ground oblivious of what was to come.

“Did you really have to kill him?” – asked Aden.

“I had to do it. You saw what he did to Tinman.” – said Hunter as he walked away from Jason.

“We have to go; the cops will be here soon.” – said Aden.

The few people that were on the shopping center were terrorized by the scene. Jason was lying on the ground with his chest opened up and a pool of blood surrounding his body.

But then something happened that amazed everyone. Jason regenerated and got back on his feet, Hunter had no chance against such an opponent.

Using his left arm Jason ripped out Hunter’s metal arm, making the mutant fall to the ground screaming in agony.

"Do you remember me know? Do you remember Anna now?!" - screamed Jason just before he stumped on Hunter's head, knocking him out. - "Only two left…”

"So you're the guy from the restaurant...I though your voice sounded familiar" - said Aden as he walked towards Jason

"So this is all for revenge? You know nothing and yet you came here to kill us all... a typical human behavior. Your girlfriend, she..."

Just before Aden could finish what he was about to say Jason grabbed his neck.

"Don't even talk about Anna! You have no right to speak to me about her! - said Jason while looking at Aden with enraged eyes.

Jason was much faster; the adrenaline that was rushing in his system was increasing his agility and strength.

"We didn't kill her..." – whispered Aden as Jason suffocated him, making Jason loosen his grip.

"She was shot by the police force, they were eager to catch us...they shot straight through her killing Ralph"

Suddenly the absence of the red haired mutant was explained, did the police really killed Anna? The questions just continued to pop on Jason's head and no answer seemed to matter anymore. The police sirens could now be heard and Aden demonstrated his abilities for the first time. Unable to get himself loose from Jason's grip, Aden flicked his fingers, turned his hands into flames and grabbed Jason's harm, forcing Jason to release him.

"What the hell?" - said Jason looking at Aden

"You´re not the only one with abilities… Well gotta go, don't want the police catching me now."

"You're not going anywhere! You were the ones that caused her death!" - screamed Jason

"Well young friend, you can blame us all you want, but that is not going to bring her back, and you can't really keep us here, you see, my friend over there as an interesting ability."

“Ability…?” - asked Jason

The mutant in the distance always kept quiet, he wasn't present the last time they attacked the city. He was really tall, had white skin, yellow eyes and long black hair, and was wearing jeans that were torn up.

"Macro, get us out of here, we don't want any incident to happen this time."

Seeing that they were about to escape Jason rushed to punch Macro but was stopped in midair. It seems that the mutant had some type of telepathic abilities, and Jason was forced to stand motionless as Macro and Aden picked up their fallen partners.

"Well mate, you're actually interesting but you know nothing of pain. Do you think you're the only one who lost someone he loves to this war?" - said Aden just before he and Macro disappeared.

Chapter 4 – PainEdit

The police stormed in, to them Jason was a threat, a mutant like all the others, and he had to be exterminated.

With Aden and Macro gone Jason became their primary target, he had just went through a regenerative process, due to the burns caused by Aden, and he didn't know how much more he could regenerate. With so many policemen surrounding him, there was only one thing to do, escape.

Jason looked for a way out but the police had the building surrounded, what was he supposed to do? Fight them all and be considered just another threat to the society that welcomed him when he needed help? He didn't want that, coming towards the backdoor of the building; he was confronted by a swat team that had its shotgun in hand and was ready to blast his head off. His heart race and he closed his eyes, but he heard no shot.

As he re-opened his eyes he found himself in a strange environment. He was surrounded by sand and wreckage of an old city; he was in the wastelands…

He wondered about what had happened. How was he taken to the wastelands?

In the distance he could see Dark Lake City, with its magnificent force shield that protected it from the perils of the wastelands.

A shield that represented protection to the residents of the city, but that was now far away from him and he was at the mercy of the perils of the wastelands.

“Frightening isn’t it? To live outside that shield… to be forced to face the perils of this place…” - The familiar voice caused a change in Jason's heartbeat, as he recognized the voice of Pyro.

“You…? But… Why did you save me? We are enemies… You’re my enemy…” – said Jason as he saw Aden walking towards him.

"We are not the monsters you were led to think we are. We are human beings who have been kicked out and left to die in here. We do what we have to do to survive."

"That means killing innocent people? Do you expect me to forgive you? Do you think that I'll ever let myself forgive you for getting her killed?" - Jason shouted at Aden who stood motionless looking towards him.

"No. I don’t expect that. But what if I told you that Anna is alive?" - said Aden with a serious look on his face.

"What?" - Jason's heart almost stopped. What were Aden's intentions with this revelation? Was Anna really alive?

"Anna is at our village, and we've been taking care of her. Like I told you we’re not monsters."

"You're lying; they burned her body two weeks ago..."

"The choice to believe in my words his yours, and yours alone… This place isn’t safe. Follow me.” – said Aden as he started to walk away from Dark Lake City through the middle of the ruins.

Where was he going? - Jason wondered.

Only the whispers of the desert were heard as they all walked in silence. Jason felt he was being watched from those ruins and as he looked towards one of them he saw a small creature similar to a cat looking straight towards him with frightening yellow eyes.

“What is that thing?” – asked Jason.

“That’s a cait, one of the local species. They are normally a peaceful but try not to look him directly in the eyes. They tend to get offended.” – said Aden, making Jason look away from the animal.

As he walked Jason thought about Aden’s words. If Anna was alive, who was the one that got burned in her place? Who was the one that died in her place? He saw her face countless times on the news, a martyr of the war between mutants and humans they called her. His adrenaline levels dropped and he regained his normal appearance.

After walking for about ten minutes they got to an entrance that led to an underground facility.

Although Jason was reluctant to enter this facility he felt like he had no other choice.


Welcome to Mirror City

"Welcome to our home." - said Aden as he and Jason arrived at Haven City, the mutant city.

The underground city was amazing, it looked just like a normal city, such as Dark Lake, but the fact that it was completely underground made Jason impressed.

The sound of the city machines could be heard all over the city. The machines provided air and clean water to the city, without them they would be lost.

Jason followed Aden through the city streets as everyone gazed upon him, trying to see who the new guy was.

Suddenly Aden stopped walking; they were in from of a downtown house that looked pretty old.

"We've arrived." - said Aden as he placed his hand on the wooden door and opened it, showing Jason an image that made his heart beat faster with emotion.

There was a girl with long blond hair, icy blue eyes and a beautiful smile on her face, holding a small child that was missing a leg, in the air. The child was laughing as the girl spin him. At the doorway Jason watched this touching moment, with tears running down his face. He was now sure of one thing... Anna was alive...

Chapter 5 - The Real MonstersEdit

Turning towards the door Anna was overwhelmed with happiness; Jason was in the Haven City. She wondered for a second if that was real or if it was just an ability from one of the mutants, but she couldn't stop herself from lunging into his arms.

Jason held her so hard that it seemed they were one single being at the moment, their hearts raced with joy and all the sadness they felt simply faded.

Smiling Aden left taking the child with him.

"How is this possible?" - said Jason as he hugged Anna.

The question was inevitable and Jason couldn't hold it any longer.

Anna sat on the bed and Jason sat right beside her.

"They saved first I didn't understand...they were taking me hostage and yet ...they cared for my safety while those who were meant to protect me shot right through me so they could kill one of them."

Jason saw the wound on Anna’s shoulder, the wound was clean and it seemed that it had healed quite well. They had really taken care of her…

But they…? – Jason’s words were interrupted by Anna’s tender voice.

“They are also human…” – she whispered - “It doesn't matter if their genetic code has been changed, making them look different, they feel love, hate, joy and sorrow just like any other human. The war that changed their bodies, the war that changed their minds, that made them be rejected by their own society, was a war created and fought by normal humans. Humanity brought itself to the point where it would rather kill those who were different, because they feared them, instead of trying to help them.”

Anna’s words struck right into Jason’s heart. Finally he understood everything that had happened and he felt ashamed of the hatred he held against them.

That night Jason and Anna slept together for the first time in a month, all the pain and sorrow were long gone and though they were in the mutant city, they felt safe and welcome.

In the next day Jason and Anna were awaken by someone knocking at the door.

“Jason...” – Anna murmured half asleep

“I’m going…” – said Jason as he got up of bed half asleep.

As he opened he saw Aden.

"Good morning. I hope I didn’t wake you up.”

“You did...” – said Jason with a pissed off voice and a dead man’s face.

“Ups… you’re kind of grumpy when you wake up, has anyone told you that?” – said Aden humored by Jason’s

Jason looked at Aden with an angry look and was about to close the door on his face when Aden finally told him the reason why he came there.

“Well, what I wanted to say is that the mayor wanted to see you.”

“The mayor? What for?”

“Let’s see. Hmmm this place is a mutant city, and you came from Dark Lake City, a human city…”

“I get the point. Let me put some clothes on and I’ll be out in a minute.” – said Jason trying to shut Aden up.

Although Jason had a feeling that Aden knew more than he was telling him, he decided to go. After all, this wasn’t his city and they had the right to be concerned about him.

Jason was still amazed by everything that surrounded him, the people on the streets were completely different from what he was used to, and though he was a stranger to them he felt welcome.

They smiled as they saw no anger in Jason's eyes. Unlike in the previous day, Jason had now relinquished all the anger inside him and he began to accept the mutants that lived there as humans, something that seemed to please them.

For years the mutant’s main goal was to get the recognition of their humanity. They have been kicked out like trash and they wanted to show everyone that they were not the monsters that mankind thought they were.

Jason watched as children played hide and seek and even laughed as he saw that one of the kids making himself invisible and sitting right beside the one that was counting. It was an amazing new world to him, full of immense possibilities.

Unlike Dark Lake’s city main building, the main building of Haven City was quiet small. It was a simple three floor tall white building with the strange symbol in it, not a sixty floor skyscraper.

Inside Jason was guided to the office of the mayor, a man by the name of Zephyro Westlich, whose name was engraved on his office door in a golden plate.

Eagle eyes


"Well this is the place, I'll wait outside." - said Aden

Jason let himself in; he pushed the door and entered the room. Inside there was a man wearing a long white overcoat with blond hair and pale skin facing the open window, gazing upon the city street.

Jason closed the door and walked towards the desk and was greeted with a strange welcome.

"Welcome Darknight." - said Zephyro as he turned towards Jason revealing his eagle eyes.

Chapter 6 - TruthEdit

"Darknight?" - asked Jason

"That's what they are calling you in the city." - said Zephyro as he tossed a digital newspaper at the desk, which Jason picked up and began to read.

"The mutant Darknight was once again able to avoid the police, making two consecutive escapes in a week. The motives of this mutant are unknown but for the police have his capture is their maximum priority at the moment."

"Maximum priority? But I didn't hurt anyone" - said Jason astonished by what he just read.

"That doesn't matter to them. You're different, that's all that matters. To them you’re a mutant; you’re one of us."

“I see. I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused you. I’ve came to realize that my anger was misplaced.”

“You are just as I expected. I’m sure that you’ll be glad to know that Hunter will be just fine. Tinman was able to get him to the hospital in time and he’s already recovering.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“Well but this isn’t why I called you here. I’ve came to know that you were a scientist for the K Corporation back in Dark Lake city.”

“How did you know?”

“We have a great information system as you might guess. It pays off to be well informed.”

“Yes, I was a researcher back in the city. But what does that got to do with anything?”

"Have you ever heard of the Dark Lake City Trojans?"

"The Dark Lake City Trojans?" – said Jason with an amazed face since he had never heard of such thing.

"Yes, they are kind of an anti-mutant army of K Corporation. They wonder the desert searching for mutants, hunting us. But so far their reasons are unknown to us, since they were seen capturing mutants alive.

"But what does that have to do with me?" - asked Jason who couldn't understand Zephyro's question.

"About a month ago five of our citizens disappeared and the information we’ve received points to their capture by the Trojans. Among them there were two mutants with abilities that are similar to yours, Poly and Castor."

"You're not trying to say that I have something to do with that, are you?" - said Jason interrupting Zephyro.

"No nothing like that. I was just wondering how you came into possession of those powers."

"Sorry to disappoint you, but this is the result of my research. I don’t understand what went wrong and why I turned out like this.”

"I see. Well I think this will be all for now. Sorry to have disturbed you like this, but I have to protect this city from everyone and I had to make sure you meant no harm to us."

"Don't worry, I understand."

Jason left the room wondering, why would Dark Lake City be hunting mutants? He couldn't understand what was happening.

Everything he ever believe in made no sense now, the mutants weren't trying to take over the city like he was told since he was a teenager, instead they were hunted down like animals and had to hide to keep themselves safe.

“So, how did it go?” – said Anna as Jason got home

“It went all. They are much nicer than I expected.” – Jason didn’t wanted to worry Anna with the talk about the Trojans, so he tried to leave that aside.

“Well I’ve got some news for you. I’ve got a job at the daycare center.” – said Anna with a cheerful smile.

“Really?! That’s really good. Actually Aden also offered me a job; he wanted me to help at the school. It seems they don’t have enough teachers.”

“And did you accept?”

“I told him I was going to think about it, but I probably will. They need all the help they can get here.”

Meanwhile in Dark Lake City the Trojans had captured two more mutants

A figure stands close to the window, looking over the city as a man dressed in a black and red uniform enters the office and kneels down.

"Sir, we caught two more of them."

"What are their abilities?" - said the person standing close to the window with a rough voice.

"They carry the abilities of Body Expansion and Super Strength, Sir."

"That's interesting. Send them to the building 82 for research; they'll make a nice addition to my collection."

The figure turns towards the soldier and reveals a bright red colored eye.

Chapter 7 – Jason’s ResolveEdit

Back in Haven City Jason was starting to get used to the world around him, it had been a week since he arrived and the locals came to grow very fond of him. He took the job as a science’s teacher, since a proper teacher was something that lacked in Haven City.

For most of the inhabitants the Wastelands were all they knew, they never had the protection and care that Dark Lake city provided. They were left to die in the desert, were the sands would be their grave.

Anna had also taken a job in the city; she worked at the daycare center, taking care of the children while their parents went to work.

The day life in Haven wasn’t much different from the one in Dark Lake, well except for those who used powers at their workplace. There were fields filled with crops and people taking care of them, construction workers building new houses, scientists trying to figure out cures for several diseases that plagued their home, people who worked at increasing the size of the city by expanding the cavern in which it stood and retailers on the streets, which were surrounded by bars and shops.

But though this life was a lot alike the one they used to have in Dark Lake, there was something that troubled Jason. Many children were suffering, they have been born with missing limbs and that would affect their lives forever.

If only Jason could perfect his research, he would be able to help them. But there was nothing he could do unless he could get the research from his lab.

Walking home with Anna, Jason had a gloomy face.

“What is it darling?” – asked Anna with her kind and tender voice.

“Nothing; why do you ask?”

Jason tried to council what he was feeling with a smile but Anna could see right through him.

“I know something has been bothering you. You’ve had that sad face in the last couple of days”

Jason stopped at a bridge, where he could look upon downtown, the oldest part of the city.

It was already late and the light of the crystal had already been turned off. But under the city lights in downtown, children played football, while a boy, who couldn’t be more than five years old watched from the stands. His leg had been replaced with one made of iron, he could walk with great difficulty but he would never be able to play like the others.

Tears ran down Jason’s face as he watched the boy, he was reminded of his childhood and all the suffering the war had caused. Anna walked closer to him and hugged him, resting her head on his shoulder.

“You can’t help everyone Jason.”

“I know. But if I had my research, I could try to help them…”

“But your research his at your lab back in the city, and there’s no way you can get into the city through the gates coming from the wastelands without being taken for questioning. And God knows what they would do to you if they found out about your abilities.”

Anna was right; Jason couldn’t just barge in into the city and hope for a good welcome. He would be arrested and then he wouldn’t be of any help to anyone.

But then he remembered. Aden and his gang entered the city twice without being noticed. They could help him; tell him how to get in without drawing attention to him.

“What about Aden and his gang? They could tell me how to get in.”

“Jason…” – Anna clearly disapproved the idea, she couldn’t bear to be apart again.

“I can’t just sit here and do nothing. All of those years of research were meant to help people in this situation. I can’t just use it on me and leave the rest of them like this.”

“But can’t you use your cells to continue your research?”

“Not without getting the same side effects. I need to figure out what went wrong and fix it. I need to return to Dark Lake city.”

Under the street lights Jason and Anna walked home, in silent both were thinking about Jason’s resolve. The fear that filled Anna´s heart led her to hold Jason even closer. The next day would be one that they would never forget.

In the next morning Jason got up early, it was Saturday so he didn’t have to work.

He headed for a bar named Carnival of Sins, which was owned by Pyro. It was a hot day, the hottest he had ever experienced, or at least he that was how he felt.

Jason’s heart raced faster with every step he took towards his destination.

He arrived at a two floors grey building, with a flashing red sign that said Carnival of Sins. Jason stood at the door for at least two minutes, thinking about what he was going to say, until he finally gained the courage to walk in.

Although Aden had brought Anna back to him they weren’t exactly best friends, they talked once in a while, but nothing more than that.

“I see you finally decided to come in. Welcome to my home.” – said Aden as Jason walked in.

Carnival of Sins was filled with every type of mutant, and all of them looked extremely powerful.

Hunter and Macro were there, sitting at a table and having a drink and they both turned towards the door as soon as Jason entered the bar.

In fact everyone was looking at him, wondering what brought him there.

The dusty gray walls were filled with maps of several locations, including Haven City and Dark Lake City. Several notes were also posted, with quests that were posted by villagers, who were whiling to offer a prize to those who performed a certain task for them.

Under those watchful eyes Jason walked towards the counter.

“Hello” – said he as he reached the counter were Aden was cleaning a glass.

“Hi. So what brings you here?”

Aden put the glass on the table and picked another one to clean.

“There is something I wanted to ask you.” – said Jason as he looked with confidence at Aden who was concentrated on the glass he was cleaning.

“Something to ask me? You’re not going to purpose are you? – said Aden mocking Jason

“How did you know?” – said Jason laughing

“Now seriously... I have to ask you something. I want to get into Dark Lake City.” – Jason was a lot more serious now.

“Dark Lake City, and what are you planning to do once you get there?

“I have some unfinished matters to attend to.”

“Unfinished matters? If you are willing to say only that much I won’t be able to help you mate.”

“I want to get my research back. It would be very useful in here. I understand the pain that the war has caused you, and I’m trying to do all I can to help everyone in this city.”

“I see. But I won’t be able to help you.”

“Why not?! Don’t you see that I’m only trying to help? – Jason’s anger let Darknight out and everyone at the bar took notice.

“If you’re caught in there you would put us all in danger. Do you understand that?

Aden was right, alone Jason stood no chance in Dark Lake City, and if he was caught in Darknight mode he would be tortured for answers.

Putting the second glass on the table, Aden filled both glasses with a strange green liquid.

“Here drink this. It will help you calm down.”

Jason grabbed the glass and drank half of it in a single gulp; the drink was worm but strangely refreshing.

“What is this?”

“Radioactive waste.” – said Aden as he also drank it.

Jason coughed everything he had in his mouth.

“Radioactive Waste?! Are you crazy? This could have killed me!” – screamed Jason.

Suddenly the all bar just started laughing. Aden was just mocking Jason, the liquid was a drink made from a green berry, a type of berry that was only produced in Haven City. Although it was really strange, it was hardly dangerous.

Aden turned the label of the bottle towards Jason, who understood he had just made a complete fool out of himself.

“So what am I supposed to do?” – said Jason as he calmed down.

“We will lend you a hand.”

“I don’t want you to put yourselves at risk for me.” - said Jason.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not doing this for you. That research may prove to be very useful for us and there is something I have to check at the city.”

“And who will come?”

“The Argo.”

“The Argo? What’s that?” – Jason was completely clueless.

“The strongest in the city…We are the Argo.”

Jason looked around him and everyone was looking at him, it seems he had just made his way into the Argonauts of Haven City.

Chapter 8 - Devil's LairEdit

Jason was now part of the Argonauts of Haven city. In the bar he met some of the fellow members.

It was amazing how most of them accepted him quite well, well everyone except Hunter who was still pissed over his arm, that he had to replace.

“Like you see, this is our headquarters. In here you can always find something to do. Most of the Argo members are city guards and they bring us the hardest tasks, direct orders from Zephyro.” - said Aden

After finishing his talk with Aden, who introduced him to some of the members of the Argo, Jason went home.

All the abilities were simply amazing, and the members of Argo were all outstanding.

He met a seductive woman who could see the future, a man who could manipulate iron to create weapons, who messed around with Hunter’s arm, pissing him off and many others.

At home Jason told Anna about what happened. Although she feared for his safety, she was happy that he wasn’t going to barge into the city all by himself.

The Argo would make a trip to Dark Lake City in two weeks, until then Jason was going to train every day, trying to figure out how useful his ability could be to the team.

That night Jason and Anna held each other even closer. Their love was growing stronger every day and Jason continuously thought about proposing to Anna one more.

In the next day Jason joined Aden at the southeast part of the city, they met in front block being with a sign that said Devil’s Lair and had two blue boxing gloves.

“I’m going to learn how to box?” –asked Jason

“Yeah… You’re quite powerful but you’re fighting ability is one of the lowest I’ve seen so far. You can’t just go around punching everyone and hoping you knock them out with one punch.”

“It worked against you.”

“Beginner’s luck…”

As they entered Jason quickly recognized one of the mutants that were in the training center, Tinman.

Tinman was teaching two kids how to fight, telling them to keep their hands up and protect their face.

He was a former wrestler that had trained in numerous martial arts since he was a kid, and now he dedicated his life to teaching kids how to fend for themselves.

Aden and Jason walked towards the ring were Tinman was training the kids.

“His guard should be a little higher don’t you think?” – said Aden as he arrived at the ring.

“It should if he wants his teeth knocked out of his mouth.” – said Tinman as he turned around recognizing Aden’s voice.

“So what are you doing here? I haven’t seen you around this part of town in a while.” – said Tinman after he shook hands with Aden.

“I haven’t been having time to practice my skills. Anyway, I brought you the new member of the Argo. Meet Jason Moore, aka Darknight. He has power but his skills are really bad…”

“Aren’t you the punk who punched me from behind?” – said Tinman turning towards Jason

“Yeah sorry about that…” – said Jason while scratching his head.

“Attacking from behind is for punks, I once knew a guy named Banana who only fought like that…well I’ll be punching you a lot in here to so consider the score settled.”

“Well I think this is everything, so I’ll be leaving. Have fun!” –said Aden as he left

“Have fun he says, I’ll be punching you a lot he said…What have I gotten myself into?” – sighed Jason

“Complaining already?”- said Tinman calling the attention of Jason

“So do you know any fighting styles?” – asked Tinman

“Well I practiced Judo when I was a kid…”

“Judo? That’s for sissies’ man…”

“Looks like I’ll have to start from the basics. Get on the ring.” – said Tinman

As they’ve got on the ring Tinman started explaining the basics of kickboxing, telling Jason how to position and how to defend himself.

“Well you’ve got that?” –asked Tinman as he finished the explanation.

“I think so…” – said Jason

“Humph… Let’s see. Link! Come here” – screamed Tinman

On the other side of the training facility there was a 2 meter tall black skinned guy punching a punching bag with brute force.

“Wha’ up coach?” – said Link

“This is your new sparring partner. Jason meet Link, he’s a rising star here in Haven City, but he hasn’t found a good partner to train with him since he tends to be a little rough around the edges and they all end up pretty broken. But since you regenerate I don’t think that will be a problem.”

“Gulp…” – Jason swallowed in dry.

“I’m fighting this little pick wick? I have better competition fighting the punching bag…”

Before Link could spit any more nonsense Tinman knuckled him in the head.

“Sorry coach….Nice to meet you Jason.” – said Link extending his hand.

But as Jason extended his hand Link punched him in the face sending him half way across the ring.

“Kip you gad up mate…” – said Link as he laughed

Chapter 9 – Link vs. JasonEdit

The punch delivered by Link dislocated Jason’s jaw, so he had to bring it back to place.

“I see there’s now girl passing with a poster that says round 1…well let’s get it on then.” – said Jason as he got up and his arm started to turn black.

Both of them took their fighting stances and as Tinman screamed begin a fantastic fight began.

Link was a hard puncher and Jason’s previous training was focused on using the strength of his adversaries.

Link rushed towards Jason who was guarding and punched him with extreme brutality breaking his guard and making him take two steps back.

“Well yo can tak’ a punch. I’ll giv yo that much…” – said Link as he backed up.

“Shit…this guy is strong and fast…” – said Jason as he cleaned the blood from his mouth.

“Raise your fists and cover your face again dumbass.” – said Tinman to Jason who had lowered his right hand to clean his face.

But before Jason could do that Link had already started moving towards him and punched him in the face again, making him fall to the ground.

“And he’s out…” –said Link who walked towards his corner

Tinman was going to assist Jason but he started to get up on his own.

“I’m not over yet…” – said Jason as he got up.

“Yo tough man, but yo ain’t no match for Link.” – said Link who once again rushed towards Jason.

But this time Jason was able to avoid the punch instead of blocking it.

“He’s too strong for me to block him; the only way I’ll win is if I dodge his strikes.” – thought Jason as he avoided the punch.

Enraged because he missed his attack Link unleashed a series of punches trying to hit Jason but he avoided them all as he looked for an opening to strike.

“I’m faster than him, and he isn’t using his legs, so that means he tends to rely on his hands.”

Jason went for a kick on Link’s right leg, as he dodge a punch, but as he did Link unleashed a spinning left leg kick to Jason’s rib cage shattering it and making Jason hit the ropes .

On the ground and holding to his ribcage in agony as he couldn’t breathe, Jason was approached by Link.

“This was an ‘andicap match fool. I wasn’t using my legs because I didn’t wanted to ‘urt you.”

Link extended his hand to help Jason getting up.

“Let’s take a break; we’ll finish this up after yo regenerate.” – said Link

“Don’t worry about me… keep your guard up.” – said Jason just before he unleashed a rising uppercut that sent Link flying back. “This scores it…Let’s begin!”

Smiling Link cleaned the blood from his mouth and regained his fighting stance.

“You might be a good opponent afta all.” –said Link

“This kid has got spirit…” – thought Tinman as he watched the fight.

Link rushed towards Jason trying to kick him in the ribs again, but this time Jason caught his leg and sent him to the corner.

Before Link could regain his stance Jason was already in the air heading towards him with a flying kick, that luckily Link was able to avoid and Jason ended up kicking the ring corner.

With Jason’s guard down Link gave him an uppercut that almost made Jason hit the roof of the training center, but as Jason descended he mounted a counter attack.

Jason used the speed of his fall and descended with his knee pointed to Link’s head. Seeing that he couldn’t avoid it Link crossed his arms over his head to defend himself.

The attack was extremely powerful but something happened that Jason wasn’t expecting, Link’s arms weren’t broken. An attack that powerful was sure to make his arms break but they only sustained superficial injuries.

Panting both opponents stepped away from each other trying to catch their breath.

“How is this possible? That attack should have ended this fight for good.” – thought Jason.

“Hey Darknight!” –Tinman was called for Jason’s attention. – “I forgot to tell you that Link’s bones are unbreakable.”

“Oh, now you tell me.”

Link was once again attacking. His arms were bleeding from Jason’s last blow but he was just as strong as he was before.

Jason tried to avoid Link’s attack but he had broken his knee in his last attack and he was still regenerating, so he took the punch in all its might and was sent once back.

Both of them were now very tired and whoever was able to land the next attack would be the winner.

Seeing that Jason’s leg hadn’t recover Link went for the victory, one good punch was all he needed and in that condition Jason wouldn’t be able to dodge. But as he extended his arm to attack he felt Jason pull his arm and placing a hand on his throat.

With a leg sweep and pushing Link back by his throat Jason pinned him to the ground, driving him unconscious.

Tinman was amazed; in such a bad condition Jason was able to pull a stunt like that.

“It seems like Judo isn’t for sissies after all.” – said Jason as he looked confidently towards Tinman.

“Don’t get cocky. I’ll see you tomorrow” – said Tinman as he turned his back and left with a smile on his face.

Chapter 10 – The menace in the wastelandsEdit

To be continued