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Dora is the main protagonist in the four saga fan-fic Dora's Revenge. Her parents and boots try to kill her, but Dora's assassin instincts kick in, and she is able to overpower them. She becomes homeless, but is rescued by an agency called the N.A.O.A., which stands for National Agency Of Assassins.


Dora is a short girl with light tan skin. She usually wears a pink shirt, and has the stupidest haircut ever. She has orange pants and white sneakers. she is usually seen wearing her backpack. This is how she looks in all of the series.

Trademark WeaponsEdit


Barrett M82- This sniper rifle is blot action, can shoot through three people, and has enough damage to destroy a fuel tank with one shot. This is Dora's main weapon of long range assassinations.

Desert Eagle 50 AE- This handgun is banned in some parts of the world. With enough power to stop a truck with on bullet, Dora choose this as her signiture gun. She named it "Lucky"