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AGE 737


It has been a great day, as I have succesfully cemented my role as Supreme Ruler of the universe. The dirty Saiyan monkeys are now obliterated, by my hand of course. A simple Supernova was enough to take them out and thier dirty leader/hero. Let's watch Cooler beat that!

There remains only one problem. Several small groups of Saiyans still remain across the galaxy. Most pose little to no threat, but one is the only problem. They are a group of Elite Saiyans known as The Defiant. They have cleansed many worlds, and are in the process of one now.

I've sicked Zarbon's Elite on these monkeys, there should be little to no problem. Hopefully, this is the end of my problems.

Good day.

The UnavengedEdit

The sky on the planet was a thick, dark blue, covering a large field of waving, pure green grass. Interspaced neatly between planes were small piles of bodies, the only inhabitants the planet really had.

Flea From The UnknownEdit


No Man's LandEdit

One Comrade LostEdit



  • The Avenged is inspired by Dragon Ball: The Nomads.

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