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Earth-415 logo
Earth-415 is a dimension for a lot of heroes from the Marvel universe. Each series have an episode called "5 Years Later". To see the gallery of Earth-415 click here.

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Spider-Man Unleashed:Edit

The story Spider-Man Unleashed is mainly about the life of Peter Parker and his superhero identity known as Spider-Man.

The Great Thor:Edit

The Great Thor is a story of the asgardian god known as Thor. Its about his adventures on Earth and on his homeworld known as Asgard.


FF is the story of the Fantastic Four which members are the Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman and the Human Torch.

Armored Iron Man:Edit

Armored Iron Man is a story of Tony Stark also known as Iron Man.

Gigantic X-Men:Edit

Gigantic X-Men is a story of the superhero team known as the X-Men which was formed by Professor X.

American Heroes:Edit

American Heroes is the story of two heroes who are Captain America (Steve Rogers) and the Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes).

Symbiotes Forever:Edit

Symbiotes Forever is the story of symbiote users like Eddie Brock, Eugene "Flash" Thompson and more.

Marvel's Top Moments:Edit

Marvel Top Moments is a collection of stories from Earth-415 that impacted the whole Marvel Earth-415 Universe (Example: The Symbiote War). Most of the time this stories will include many heroes teaming up.

Unstoppable Hulk:Edit

Unstoppable Hulk is a story of the super hero known as the Hulk (Bruce Banner)

5 Years GapEdit

Spider-Man Unleashed:Edit

Here are some important events that happened on the 5 years gap of Spider-Man Unleashed.

Year One:Edit

  • The First Appearance (FA) of the Vulture
  • The F.A. of Doctor Octopus
  • The F.A. of the Green Goblin
  • The F.A. of Black Spider-Man (Symbiote)
  • The F.A. of Venom
  • The F.A. of Shocker
  • The F.A. of Rhino
  • The F.A. of the Sandman
  • The F.A. of Mysterio
  • Death of Uncle Ben
  • Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker are in love with each other
  • Apparent death the Vulture
  • F.A. of Kraven the Hunter
  • Peter Parker begins to work at the Daily Bugle
  • The Enforcers F.A.
  • The F.A. of the Beetle
  • The F.A. of the Human Torch
  • The F.A. of the Fantastic Four
  • The F.A. of Iron Man
  • The F.A. of Thor
  • The F.A. of Tombstone

Year Two:Edit

  • The F.A. of Hammerhead
  • The F.A. of the Chameleon
  • The F.A. of Morbius
  • The F.A. of the Kingpin
  • The F.A. of the Hobgoblin
  • The F.A. of Captain America
  • The F.A. of the X-Men
  • Death of George Stacy and Gwen Stacy
  • Prison Break; All of Spider-Man villains escape
  • The F.A. of the Tinkerer
  • Peter Parker meets Mary Jane
  • The F.A. of Spencer Smythe
  • The F.A. of the Lizard
  • The F.A. of the Green Goblin 2 (Harry Osborn)
  • The F.A. of the Black Spider-Man costume
  • Mary Jane and Peter Parker fall in love
  • The F.A. of Ben Reilly
  • The F.A. of the Jackal
  • The F.A. of the Avengers
  • The F.A. of Luke Cage
  • The F.A. of Daredevil

Year Three:Edit

  • The F.A. of Electro
  • The F.A. of Kaine
  • Mary Jane and Peter Parker get married
  • Peter Parker and Mary Jane have a baby named Mayday Parker
  • Ben Reilly falls in love with Liz Allan
  • The F.A. of Silvermane
  • The F.A. of Hydro-Man
  • The F.A. of the Electro proof costume
  • The F.A. of the Juggernaut
  • The F.A. of Captain Universe
  • Eugene Thompson joins the army
  • The F.A. of Bombastic Bag Man costume
  • The F.A. of Carnage
  • The F.A. of the Punisher
  • The F.A. of Jester
  • The F.A. of Bullseye
  • The F.A. of Toxin

Year Four:Edit

  • Spider-Man becomes Captain Universe
  • Spider-Man becomes normal
  • J. Jonah Jameson becomes Mayor of New York
  • Peter Parker gets a second job in Stark Industries
  • The F.A. of Scorpia
  • The F.A. of the Demogoblin
  • The F.A. of Boomerang
  • The F.A. of the Molten Man
  • The F.A. of Jack O Lantern
  • The F.A. of Vermin
  • Spider-Man retires; Ben Reilly becomes the new Spider-Man
  • Mary Jane, Ben Reilly, Liz Allan and Aunt May know Spider-Man's secret identity (Peter Parker)
  • The F.A. of Puma
  • Toxin loses the symbiote

Year Five:Edit

  • The F.A. of the Dark Rhino
  • The F.A. of the Dark Vulture
  • Death of Kaine (Saves Mary Jane from the Dark Rhino)
  • The F.A. of Mr. Negative
  • The F.A. of the Big Man
  • The F.A. of Crime Master
  • The F.A. of American Son (Harry Osborn)
  • Harry Osborn falls in love with Felicia Hardy
  • The F.A. of the spot

The Great Thor:Edit


Armored Iron-Man:Edit

Gigantic X-Men:Edit

American Heroes:Edit

Symbiotes Forever:Edit

Unstoppable Hulk:Edit

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