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Earth 678 (Marvel Unlimited) is an alternate dimension featuring New takes on some of the Marvel characters. Each character will eventually have their own page nad the link to that page will show up here when the page is created.

Earth 678 story linesEdit

Deleterious DeadpoolEdit

Deadpool the merc with a mouth gets a new origin story and new takes on this somewhat new but iconic character

The Impenetrable HulkEdit

The Classic stories of the Hulk get a whole new take on his origins.

The Weapon X ProjectEdit

The new story of the weapon x test subjects. From Wovlerine to Deadpool, all the stories. Tied into the Serum storyline

678 1940'sEdit

Tales of all the 1940's earth-678 heroes. Like Capt. America, Bucky, Wolverine, Namor, Miss America and More. Some stories tied into the Serum Storyline

Iron ManEdit

The twist on Iron Man's origins and villains, and allies.

The Stunning SpidermanEdit

Spiderman get's a twisted origin and new adventures.

The Indomitable ThorEdit

The reason the norse god was sent ot earth os exactly the same. The way he lives on earth...not so much.

The X-traordinary X-menEdit

Follow the X-men from the early day with Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman, Angel, Proffesor X and Magneto to the days when Magneto leads The Brotherhood of Mutants and Prof. X is Leading a New line-up of X-men. Some tied in to the Serum Storyline

Fantastic FourEdit

The tales of the mutated Reed richards, Susan and Johnny Storm, Benjamin Grimm and Victor Von Doom and how they got their powers. Tied Into the serum storyline

Heroes for HireEdit

The Advenutres of Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Misty Night. Some storylines tie in with the Serum storyline.

The Superntural TalesEdit

The Tales of Morbius, Jack Russel, and Blade. But this time Blade isn't just a vampire hunter...he hunts all supernatural creatures.

Major StorylinesEdit

The Serum StorylineEdit

The Serum Storylnie is basically about S.H.I.E.L.D and all of the serums they have made that htey inject to people going haywire. The only people that can stop it are the heroes without the serums inside of them. This isthe first big Storyline.

Negative Earth 678Edit

Earth Negative 678 is an alternate version of the Earht-678 universe. The Negative Earth 678 is an exact opposite so the heroes in earth 678 are villains in Negative Earth 678. The Heroes of Earth 678 help the heroes of Negative Earth 678 (which are the villains of earth 678) to destroy the Villains of Negative Earth 678.