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Eternal Fighters is a manga and anime by artist/author Mei Yamadori. It was his premier manga. The series follows Torran, a former boxer, who, after dying in an accident, is sent to the afterlife and assigned to the Eternal Championship, the "Afterlife for fighters" where they battle for all eternity.


Eternal Fighters Chapter One first appeared in the Shonen Jump magazine, where it ran for several more months before it's astonishing popularity allowed it to become it's own magazine under the Jump Comics imprint. It has currently run for more than 200 chapters and shows no signs of stopping.

Shortly after the release of the 100th chapter, a anime was created by Fuji TV and FUNimation, airing weekly in Japan, as it continues to do so today. Just like the manga, the Eternal Fighters anime exploded in popularity, resulting it in reaching America. It has soon become one of the most popular anime and manga on the market.

As of November 2011, with the release of the 220th chapter, Yamadori has put the series on hiatus. He claims it is for a short period of rest, especially with the story arc's stunning conclusion....


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