Universal Warriors Sneak PeekEdit

Order and Chaos sagaEdit

Two lovers..Order and Chaos..The first two beings..Chaos threatens Earth.

Order: Please!! Help me control my lover..I love him. Don't kill him.. You are my last hope..

Chaos: Order..My love.. You have gone to the worst level to ask humans for help.

Uranus: What's your intentions!


Chaos: I need life forces for my power. They are locked in a crystal inside your heart. Planetary incarnations have special ones..

Order and Chaos saga..Coming soon.

Spidey's Harem Sneak PeekEdit

Felicia sat in a Bronx police station waiting impatiently as she sat outside Captain Stacy tapping her foot rapidly tapping her foot trying to annoy the damned desk clerk who kept checking her out. He had already hit on her and used some of the stupidest pick up lines since she was technically legally of age. The fact that she was sleep deprived didn't help her patience at all. Finally after what seemed like hours, captain Stacy finally opened his door for her to come in. She rolled her eyes as the fat man gave another rather disgusting smile before she rushed inside, eager to get out of the pig's sights.

"Ahh, Felicia. I promise you we're doing everything we can to find Peter", Captain Stacy forced a smile for the younger blonde.

Spidey's Harem Coming Soon....

Two TrailersEdit

thumb|left|300px|Harry Potter the last movie trailer!!!


Amnesia: The Dark Descent: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Edition Sneak PeekEdit

Keiichi entered the wine cellar, and took a look around for the 4 missing ingredients. He entered a hall, and went to the other end. Holding his lantern up, he investigated the shelves, and found some medicine. He heard footsteps, and girly giggling behind him. There she was again, Satoko was walking through the door he came into the hall with. He quickly hid his lantern, and camped in the dark corner. He saw the same crazy look in her eyes, and she still had the bloodied bat in her hand being dragged. She walked in the opposite direction, giving Keiichi some relief. Although, his heart was still pounding, his breathing was still heavy, and eyes widened. How long could he hide? How long could he survive? How long before he goes insane?

Coming Soon...

Movie TrailerEdit


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