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  • 11/22/2011- A one-shot of Star Wars will be released soon (by ExtremeSSJ4), it'll be about hunting a jedi after Order 66. Its also a side story of Star Wars: Breaking Bad

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This Article, Fanon and Data Wiki, is property of Kuro Selas.

A story written by Kuro Selas, about the world after the 3rd Great War.


Jason was a geneticist who had been working on a cellular regeneration program for the Dark Lake City government. The program would help those who lost a limb during the 3rd Great War. But everything changed when he lost everything he held dear and he decided to follow a path of revenge.


In the year 2058 humanity reached its limit. The world resources were ending and there wasn’t enough to satisfy everyone in the world, so the third Great War began. Countries fought each other for the control of those last resources but in their quest for power, they destroyed almost everything.

Governments fell and the Corporation’s were born. Societies controlled by the most powerful man in the world were now in control of everything.

As the war ended the corporations assured that new towns were built to ensure the safety of the last remaining humans on this devastated world.

The radiation of a nuclear war filled the air, and with time it gave birth to a new species of animals, plants and birds.

These new species were called mutants, and although some of them looked normal, others looked hideous, and mankind wasn’t ready to accept them. Instead they closed their cities and waged war against them.

The mutants were forced to run and hide, as mankind hunted them down. The fear that guided humanity would bring upon a new war…

Chapter 1 - Death

The long night working at his project in the lab had left Jason devastated. He had been working in the cell regeneration program along with Professor David since he graduated college, two years ago. Lately there were some advancement since they could already regenerate lost limbs from rats; the next phase would be done by performing tests on apes before they could finally move to humans. When Jason got home his girlfriend Anna was already sleeping. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin, which shined like the moon. After so many years Jason was still amazed by her beauty and she was the one person that could always make him smile. He walked slowly towards the bed trying not to wake her, but as soon as he got inside it she turned to his side. "Working late again, darling?" - Murmured Anna half asleep.

"Yes, sorry Anna." - said Jason as he put his arm around her. "We're so close, I can feel it."

Anna smiled and fell asleep again in Jason’s arms.

In the next day Jason decided to take the day off, it had been a while since he and Anna went for a walk.

The look of the city gardens was simply amazing, no one would imagine all the pain and suffering those people went through, and no one could imagine what would happen in that fateful day.

After a long walk Jason and Anna headed for the Apollo, a restaurant was well known in the city and people normally went there on special occasions.

“We’re having dinner at the Apollo? This is too expensive Jason…” – said Anna as they arrived at the Apollo’s door. Read more here!

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