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"Let's start the death show, because I cant take you petty creatures being "blessed" with Origins-sama's power. Time to die, because Origins-sama has been corrupted, and now..He sees the truth! Hope you don't have some fear of the dark..Petty creature!"
— Galacta, Origins' minion, and the quote shown in the promo.

In this article, Fear of the Dark, there is profanity present. If you are sensitive to swearing, do not read any further.

Fear of The Dark is an anime series made by the curly, black haired Lori Saltwitter. It is a story about the users of Fanon and Data Wikia being made as the incarnation of stars to fight off darknesses such as supernovas, hypernovas, black holes, white holes, and Origins itself, but it's not as simple as that.

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Celestial Warrior ListEdit

(ExtremeSSJ4) as Sol aka Iker Syfer

(TitaniumBardock) as Tau Ceti aka Brian Autoni

(Chocolateaddictjr) as Gliese 581 aka Kat Johnson

(Zeon1) as Plieone aka Zeon Adams

(Xero toxin32) as Celaeno aka Nah Hae Young

(FlamingoValdez) as Taygeta aka Henry Boston

(TrueWarrior) as Aldebaran aka Layla Nightingale

Season 1- The Supernovae SagaEdit

Episode 1- The Unlikely Team

Episode 2- The Horrifying Threat

Episode 3- Celestial Warriors, Attack!

Episode 4- Novae's Counter-Attack

Episode 5- Hell on Earth

Episode 6- Take the Stage

Episode 7- Battle of the Ages

Episode 8- Darkness Rising

Episode 9- Novae's Death Threat

Episode 10- Celestial Warriors' Last Resort

Episode 11- The Epic Clashing

Episode 12- Awakening

Season 2- The Hypernovae SagaEdit

Episode 1- We Heard, Eh?

Episode 2- The First Battle of War!

Episode 3- Training to Exceed the Limit!

Episode 4- Repae's Attack!

Episode 5- Helpless Warriors!

Episode 6- Darkness' Evil!

Episode 7- Unforgiving Rage!

Episode 8- Reborn Flames!

Episode 9- Attack, Hyper Warriors!

Episode 10- Unforgiving Rage!

Episode 11- The Pulsating Ground!

Episode 12- Is it Over?

Season 3- White Hole SagaEdit

Episode 1- No, It's Far From Over

Episode 2- Only A Chilling Energy

Episode 3- Trapped in a Hole

Episode 4- Rageful Intent

Episode 5- Andromeda's Concern

Episode 6- Reawakening

Episode 7- Plot to Destroy the Galaxies

Episode 8- Blackened White

Episode 9- Dark on the Inside, White on the Outside

Episode 10- Unforgivable Murder!

Episode 11- The Clashing Energies!

Episode 12- The New Celebrities

Season 4- Origins SagaEdit

Episode 1- The Heroes of the Future

Episode 2- Princess Ginga

Episode 3- The Lost Past

Episode 4- Origins and Its Warriors

Episode 5- Milky and Way

Episode 6- Lost and Betrayed

Episode 7- Pure Darkness

Episode 8- The Swirl of Hell

Episode 9- The Epic Battle I

Episode 10- The Epic Batte II

Episode 11- The Epic Battle III

Episode 12- The Finishing Blow

Episode 13- Friends Forever


  • Dream State
  • Orion's Constellation
  • Time Warp
  • スター戦隊!行きましょう! '(Suta sentai! Ikimashou!)''' Star Squadron! Let's Go!
  • Fear of the Dark- Live Action

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