Flint Rembrandt
No Image Available
Character remains unillustrated
Detective, Homocide Division
Important Information
Gender Male
Family None Known
Status Alive
Eye Color Unspecified
Hair Color Unspecified
Height Unspecified
Affiliation Police Department, Homocide Division
Weapons Dual pistols
Species Human
Home Unspecified
Alignment Good

Detective Flint Rembrandt is a police detective working in homicide division. He has been chasing Shawn Roback down for months now, believing that he had killed his wife in cold blood (even though her body has never been located). When Shawn suddenly up and leaves town Detective Rembrandt sees it as his trying to flee the scene and escape—with this thought driven deep into him by his potentially-oversuspicious mind he takes off after Roback to keep tabs on him. Unfortunately for him, Roback happens to be heading for Silent Hill and he soon loses sight of Roback in the dense fog of the area. He is not beyond realizing that both Billy Steve and The Scavenger are also criminals, as well.

He carries two handguns on his person, both the Smith & Wesson Model 5906 he uses while on-duty as well as the SIG Sauer P239 he carries while off-duty. While doing this is a big no-no in his precinct, he anticipates problems in apprehending Shawn. If only he knew how right he was…

A Flesh Mimic uses him as its disguise and is encountered by Shawn, where it suddenly frightens him by transforming itself mid-sentence into Long Arm of the Law.


Smith & Wesson Model 5906Edit

"Ahhh, my precious partner. She has saved me more than once and if things go poorly as I expect they will, she will come to save me again. She has not failed me yet, and I suspect that she never will."
Detective Rembrandt, upon inspecting the weapon for the first time in-game

The Smith & Wesson Model 5906 is a model of semi-automatic pistol produced between 1989 and 1999 carried by Detective Flint Rembrandt while on-duty. It is an all stainless steel model, and is thereby a noticeably heavy weapon. Despite that he carries the weapon alongside his off-duty handgun as well, the two are not actually used in conjunction with each other; Detective Rembrandt is "too old for raw dogging". It has more firepower but fires slower than his off-duty weapon, the SIG Sauer P239.


Detective Rembrandt currently is not planned to ever meet the story's main character, Thor Steinbach.

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