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This story, Future Past, is Rated M, which means it may include sexual content, bloody fights,swearing and/or drugs.

'Future Past is an online novel by Cocoabean. It is a story of Yuzuro and Corina. DBZ (c) Akira Toriyama, Fuji TV, Toei and Funimation Entertainment.

Volume 1- Gloom and DoomEdit

Chapter 1- Games For FoolsEdit

Episode 1- CaringEdit

[Yuzuro and Corina had a horrible life. Their parents died not long after they were born and the androids recently killed their mentor and only friend, Gohan. However, they're trying to make the best of it. They live with Bulma and Yamcha.]

Bulma: [Looking at the twins] Be safe, ok?

Yamcha: Come back alive and well!

Yuzuro and Corina: We'll try! [Flies off]

[Meanwhile, a young girl with shoulder length black hair, onyx eyes, a Saiyan tail and blood on her hid in a cellar. Love Crimes by Frank Ocean plays as "FUTURE PAST" and "COCOABEAN'S NOVEL" are by the girl. They slowly fade away.]

Girl: Mom..[Crying] Dad..

Android 17: Well; looked like we killed them all.

Android 18: We could've had more fun with them!

[The androids fly away, forgetting about the girl in the cellar. Yuzuro and Corina landed shortly after.]

Corina: [Clenches fist] Dammit! We're too late..the androids killed them all!

Yuzuro: [Senses Ki in cellar] Sister; we're not.

Corina: Hm?

Yuzuro: [Points to cellar] I sense Ki, right in there.

Corina: Let's go open it up..

[Yuzuro and Corina walked over to the locked cellar and unlocked it. Corina, hesitantly, opened the cellar door. What was in it was a shocker]

Girl: [Heavily blooded, clothes ripped] Help me!

[The girl fainted, halfway out of the cellar.]

Yuzuro: [Picks up the girl] Let's go home.

Corina: What are you taking her for?

Yuzuro: We have to help her, sister. She's dying. And she's Saiyan.

[The two twins flew home, as the girl in their arms awoke, weakly.]

Girl: [Eyes lowered, weakly speaking]

Yuzuro: [Visibly concerned] She's up..?

Corina: Yeah. But it seems she's in a dream state.

[They resume their flight as the girl goes unconscious again.]

[The girl awoke with Yuzuro laying down on her bedside.]

Girl: [Vision blurry] I..I'm alive?

Yuzuro: [Head rises up] You're up.

Girl: Who are you? Where am I?!

Yuzuro: Calm down! Well, I'm Yuzuro and you're in my friend, Bulma's house.

Girl: What an odd name. Then again, Nori isn't really a regular name.

Yuzuro: Nori? That's your name?

Nori: [Nods, expressionless]

[Corina entered the room, looking at Nori and Yuzuro.]

Corina: She's awake. We almost lost her out there.

Nori: I want to kill those androids...

Yuzuro: We all do..can you fight?

Nori: Barely..

Corina: We can train her, brother.

Yuzuro: Mhm. [Serious expression] We start next week!

Nori: Ok..[Slowly drifts back to sleep]

[As Nori slept peacefully, the screen blackened.]

Episode 2- Blood and TearsEdit

Episode 3- The Beloved MentorEdit

Episode 4- The Dark EpilogueEdit

Episode 5- Love Overpowers AllEdit

Episode 6- LifeEdit

Episode 7- Lovely Red WaterEdit

Episode 8- Stand AloneEdit

Episode 9- Bloodied TowelsEdit

Episode 10- Past TimeEdit

Episode 11- Mama DearestEdit

Episode 12- Lovely Scarred ChildrenEdit

Episode 13- Sickened BloodEdit

Chapter 2- Corrupted EvilEdit

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