Debut Terraria
Birthday Unknown
Deathdate Whenever he dies (Terraria)
N/A (Terraria Adventures)
Age Unknown; assumed immortal
Status at debut Guide

Derek (Terraria Adventures)
The Player (Terraria)
Merchant, Nurse, Demolitionist, Arms Dealer, Dryad, Clothier (NPCs, Terraria)

"They say there's someone who will teach you how to survive in the land. Oh wait, that's me."
— Guide

The Guide is a character from the video game Terraria. He is also a character in the Terraria Adventures webcomic, a comic based around Terraria.


The Guide's origins in both Terraria and Terraria Adventures are unknown. In Terraria, he simply spawns with the player on a new world. In Terraria Adventures, he appears throwing an acorn at Derek, the main character of the webcomic. He says he's the one who's supposed to teach the new people in "the playground of the gods", which may mean he is immortal so he can fufill his purpose forever.


In Terraria, the guide doesn't have much of a personality. He simply gives the player helpful tips to survive in the world. In Terraria Adventures, however, he gets a fleshed out personality. He's apparently kind and playful, toying with Derek while also helping him. He tries not to limit him, as he lets Derek go out to save the new person who appears in the land. He tries to help Derek by telling him things such as to make a wooden sword or to make a house before nightfall.


  • Before the 1.0.3 patch of Terraria, the Guide could only be killed by lava and was invincible to all other things. After the 1.0.3 patch, he could be damaged by monsters and explosions, just like all other NPCs.

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