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"That is well indeed excrement. "

Artificial Intelligence
Operating System
Important Information
Gender Male (voice)
Family GLaDOS, hehehe.
Status Operating
Eye Color None
Hair Color None
Height None
Affiliation N.R.K
Weapons Tank
Species Computer
Home 115 Fukkireita Street, Tokyo City
Alignment Chaotic Good

HeCTOR is the interactive operating system, and Artificial Intelligence for the N.R.K (the black tank) Korudo drove in Chapter 4 of Sekirei: ԂЇЁЅҬЦЯҔ3Ԁ. HeCTOR stands for (He)avy (C)omputer (T)ank (O)perating (R)ender. N.R.K, is not an acronym, rather, it is the pun of the word, "anarchy".


HeCTOR was created to be the operating system for the

The N.R.K

N.R.K. It's purpose was to be the Artificial Intelligence that controlled the Auto, and Half-Auto functions of the battle tank, as well as watching over the tank itself.

Korudo's Ownership

Since Korudo killed HeCTOR's original master, Korudo was made the new owner of the N.R.K, and HeCTOR. HeCTOR aided Korudo in escaping the MBI forces in Chapter 4, by eliminated heavy targets with the N.R.K's cannon, and special shells.

Weapons, and Abilities

Even though HeCTOR can not wield a weapon itself, it rather controls the N.R.K tank.

The N.R.K Battle Tank

Pre- Matsu

  • The tank has a tailored cannon for firing High Explosive, Incendiary, Electromagnetic Pulse, and Acidic shells. A mounted 50. caliber machine gun rests on top of the N.R.K.
  • The N.R.K can go up to 100 kilometers/62 miles per hour, and can tread through rubble, and tough terrain with it's heavy torque, and horsepower.
  • HeCTOR can operate both the machine gun, and cannon with ease, during Auto, or Half-Auto Mode.

HeCTOR can also operate the GPS, to help guide his driver.