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Hell Saga is the second saga in the five saga series, King Vegeta: Death and Revenge. It is about how King Vegeta ends up at the check-in station, and how he meets Bardock and his team in hell.


Chapter 1. Who Are You?! Where Am I?!?Edit

King Vegeta-(Thinking) What? Where am I? The last thing I remember is... is being socked in the face by Frieza. I'm falling. Everything is turning dark, then bright. Where in blazes am I? Wait.... I got punched in the face by Frieza... This must be what death feels like. And now, he will, undoubtly, destroy Planet Vegeta. Oh, this is great. Just spectacular. Wait, I see a bright light. The closer I get, the brighter and clearer it gets. I am so close, I can literally touch. What the- i'm falling again. My eyes are forcing shut. Wait, I see something. Is that... an ogre?

<The king opened his eyes, to see that he was not falling to his death, but insted walking to a dojo-looking building, being guided by ogres in suits, red and blue. He immedietly had questions>

King Vegeta-(Confused) Where am I? Who are you?

Blue Ogre- All in good time.

King Vegeta-(Confused and impatient) I demand answers now, so tell me, where are you taking me.

Red Ogre-(Pointing to the dojo) There.

<They arrived at the dojo, where a gigantic ogre, five times bigger than the rest of them, also in a suit, sitting at a desk. He looked at King Vegeta and looked at the papers on his desk.>

Big Ogre- Why hello there, you must be...(looks at the files on his desk) ah, yes! You are King Vegeta. Welcome.

King Vegeta-(Very impatient) How do you know my name?! Who are you, and why am I not getting answers?!

Big Ogre-(Agitated) I am King Yemma, guardian of the check-in station. And you better watch your tone, unless you want to go to 'The Room'.

King Vegeta-(Calm) Well Mr. King Yemma, how do you know my name?!

King Yemma- I know everybody's name. Its part of my job. And if I didn't know somebody's name, I would look at the papers that appear on my desk. (Smiles childishly)

King Vegeta-(Still confused) What is the check-in station?

King Yemma- This is the place that people go when they die. I judge them by their actions that they have performed in their life, and decide whether they go above or below. No, lets see where you are going. (Looks at the papers on his desk and scratches his beard.) Aha! Here they are! (Triumphently pulls out a file. Opens it and takes out a sheet of paper.) Now... You are going... Below.