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In this article, Hell on Earth, there is profanity present. If you are sensitive to swearing, do not read any further.

Hell on Earth is the fifth episode of Fear of the Dark.


<Sigh> Sunday, May 6th, 2012, the Novae Warriors arrived in Jackson, Mississippi after destroying New Orleans and most of Louisiana..Now..We go to the news network in the decimated Louisiana..Atleast the remnants of Louisiana..

News Reporter: In..<Fizzing all during her statement> Much..fragments..of Louisia.., there is a mysterious source..of..aliens.. coming to Ea..<Explosion and screams> Now our b- <Neck snapped>

Nasoe: <Stabilizes TV> Hey, bitches. Our team is called the Novae Warriors, and we're here to take over this world..

Meanwhile..At the university, a brutally wounded Zeon and Henry tried to revive the others.

Henry: Layla? Nah Hae? Kat? Brian? Ik- <Falls to the ground>

Zeon: <Staggers to Henry> Henry? <Shakes Henry> C'mon man..Don't die.. <Thinking> Shit..My friends are dying and I can't do anything! I hate my uselessness! <Fires a white blast at the nearby ruins> Wait..I have some energy left..

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