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Ion is a 2013 science fiction/superhero film directed by Josh Turner, starring Nicholas Cage and Matt Damon.


John Baxter (Nicholas Cage) is a superhuman psychologist employed by Traxus Corp. He is put in charge of a mentally deteriorating superhero Ion (Matt Damon), who can control matter. After Ion tries to kill him, Baxter learns that he himself has gained Ion's powers. When the insane hero escapes and begins to destroy Chicago, Baxter must step in to stop him.


  • Nicholas Cage/John Baxter- a superhuman psychologist who must step into the role of hero to save Chicago.
  • Matt Damon/Ion- a mentally unstable superhero who eventually breaks completely.
  • Christian Bale/Daniel Traxus- The president of Traxus, who becomes Baxter's confidant


Currently, Ion enjoys much hype and anticipation, actually winning the award for "most anticipated movie of Summer 2012"


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