"I will avenge my father.. The Romans will pay!!"
— Katarina in her room

This is the character Chocolateaddictjr will enter for the Torneo di FAD, which is herself with fictional skills.


Born to Celtic parents on 259 BC, Katarina lived a very normal life as a high class celtic, Until at the age of 3, when her biological father died in combat. Her mother married a man from neighboring territories, whom disregarded his stepchildren, only loving his biological children. Katarina regards herself as a half orphan and disregards her stepfather.


She is very pretty, often regarded as the prettiest woman in the land by everyone. Her long brown hair runs to her waist, and she wears a golden dress, always armed with her Golden Sword. In the Celtic Military however, she cuts her hair to her shoulders, and she wears a shirt and pants, and always wears a sash with her Golden Sword in it.


Very Skilled With A Sword, Very Agile, Very Fast, and Very Smart.


Well.. <CLAPS HAND> It was inspired by an average summer day..When Katarina was talking to her co-writer, "Lily Ali, when she was thinking of a character or the Torneo di Fad. Her co-writer said,

"WHY NOT YOU?" and Katarina said,

"Great idea! But.. I'll think about it"

Love by the Linden Trees (Dragostea Din Tei)


  • Katarina is the oldest in her family.