Kuzon's Parents are the parents and trainers of Kuzon in Kuzon the 3rd legendary super saiyan.

Kuzon's father is named Toman, and is an elite Saiyan warrior. He trained when he was young, and fought in the Saiyan-Tuffle War as a teen. When he was a little older he met a woman named Lettune on a mission; Lettune didn't like Toman much, but after so many missions together (much to Lettune's dislike), they got married and they conquered planets together. When Planet Vegeta was destroyed they both escaped and randomly landed on a nearby planet with a weird race—Mumbas unnamed race—and their space pods laid abandoned. They could have killed the race and left, but Frieza would try to kill them; their hospitality was too much, and they had to stay there.

7 years later they both had a son named Kuzon. Due to Kuzon not being handled by another person in a small pod, the 2 unlucky parents had to take care of the crying machine themselves (unlike most Saiyans who don't even meet their child). Kuzon grew up slowly and was a very extreme fighter, but since Toman and Lettune couldn't send him to a planet to conquer, or a Saiyan training place, Toman was forced to train Kuzon himself until Kuzon met a member of the race named Mumba. Kuzon and Mumba became best friends, and then Toman had to train Mumba, too. After years of training and work, Kuzon and Mumba were almost stronger than Toman and Lettune. When Kuzon was old enough, he heard of Goku, and left with Mumba to go meet him. As of right now, Toman and Lettune are resting on Mumba's home planet, but its unknown what they do there, most likely train.


The relationship build between Toman and Lettune is explained in Kuzon Movie 2: Kuzons Parents. It has how they met and also has a few more Saiyan characters introduced.


  • Toman and Lettune are the only known Saiyans who have yellow scouters and yellow boots with their armor.
  • Toman may know Bardock since he states that he knew someone like that, "a low class with spiky hair like mine."
  • The 2 plus Kuzon are some of the only Saiyans with brown hair, including King Vegeta.
  • Toman and Lettune's names were originally going to be Kume and Sunei, but since they're Saiyans, which are mostly named from veggies, Kume is now "Toman" from a Tomato, and Suneis is now "Lettune" from lettuce. This term can also be used for Cabban, who was originally a giant fat saiyan named Jumbo; It was changed to a regular Saiyan named Cabban, for obvious reasons. See Cabban for more.

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