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Laser Swords is a short-story Star Wars fanfiction. Written by Master of Lightsabers.


Nathaniel Wastontaker, a Master on the Jedi High Council, leads a team of fourteen other Jedi to Standakta, a new planet on the Outer Rim that is suspected to be housing enemies. Albeit it has been twenty years since the fall of the Empire, former Imperial forces still exist in small patches around the galaxy.

Chapter 1Edit

"Master W!" called Master Jaddat after Master W from across the Hall. Master W stopped in his tracks.

"Yes, Master Jaddat?"

"Grand Master Luke wishes to see you." said Jaddat.

"Tell him I'll call."


"You called, Master Luke?" said Master W standing on the holocomm.

"Yes. I have an urgent mission. I wish for you take fourteen Jedi with you to the far world of Standakta. I cannot go myself because I must go to Naboo on business."

"Yes, Master Luke. I will leave at once." Master W bowed and left the room to assemble his team.

"Who shall I take?" said Master W to himself as he headed to the Temple. "Obviously my Padawan. And Master Jaddat and his." he mused. He walked up the steps of the Temple. Many Knights greeted him upon entry. "Stange. I never get such a big welcome." he thought.

Chapter 2Edit

Master W sat down at one console and searched Standkta. The archives provided him with a guide to this newly discovered planet.

"Standakta is a planet close to the edge of the Outer Rim that revolves around Standak. It is mostly inhabited by humans and some Zabraks. Its capitol is the large and magnificent city of Sithatna where the majority of the populace are mechanics. Others are good pilots who are always ready to give a ride. Most pilots fly the ZXR9302, manufactured by Standakta Landers Inc.

The common language is Basic, although some are known to speak Mustafari.

Most areas are city regions, although there are some rural ares, forests, and deserts. The North Pole of the planet, however, is a volcanic area and very hot. The South Pole, in contrast, is an ice cold barren land, home to a mysterious people."

Although the information was rahter short, incomplete, and sloppy, Wastontaker had a feeling on what to expect. He set off to find his Padawan, Etar Madan, who was most likely on the fifth floor meditating. He approached the turbolift and called for it. He had a surprise when the door slid open. Many strangers were in the large tubolift. He instictively ignited one blade of his lightsaber. "Who are you?" he questioned. By this point, others had rallied behind him, all armed. The leader of the strangers let out a cackle.

"Ah, the Jedi. So clueless as to who are in their own Temple. Who are we? No concern." he said.

"Who are you?" he questioned again.

"You won't be alive to find out. He motioned his people forwards and yelled "Attack!"

Pandemonium broke out on the library floor of the Temple. Others flowed out of the other tubolift, Jedi and the enemy alike. Nathaniel took on the leader himself, who appeared to be armed with a lightsaber. He ignited it, producing a red blade. The two dueled to what appeared to have no end. The duel raged on, as both were experienced with lightsaber. Finally, the other man knocked Nathan's lightsaber from his hand and sent far across the room.

"I thought you were Master of Lightsabers. Seems you couldn't use one blade to uphold the title." he chortled.

"Yes. That's why I fight with...............TWO!" he said. He brought his second lightsaber and ignited both blades.

The two dueled once more, the Jedi swinging his saber around and twirling it and attacking. Finally, he managed to cut the enemy's hilt in half. "You lose, stranger." He drove his blade through the man's chest and he fell limp to the floor. Nathaniel turned around and found the battle over. Not a single of his allies had fallen. "Also strange." he thought.

Chapter 3Edit

He joined Master Jaddat and Master Niito inspecting the carnage. "That was quite an odd battle." said Nathaniel, retrieving his saber via the Force.

"Yes. How they got here is a mystery." said Jaddat.

"Who they were is an even bigger mystery." said Niito.

"Indeed." said W.

"Master Nathaniel Wastontaker still remains Master of Lightsabers, though." said Jaddat.

The threesome laughed. "It's odd how strange things have been happening to me all day, on the contrary." said W.

"Such as?" asked Niito.

"This morning, my quarters were thoroughly clean. And my belongings are mostly spread about at all times." he started.

"Then, Master Luke gave me a special mission to go to the world of Standakta. Which I was meaning to a you about. Do you think you could come?" he said.

"Quite. I was going to be here all day anyways." said Jaddat. "However, my Padawan is away on Naboo."

"Naboo? Master Luke went there, as well." said W.

"Yes, so he says." said Niito. "My Padawan is still here. I shall bring him, with me, on your journey."

"That makes five. I need ten more." said W.

"Ten? That's a lot." said Jaddat.

"Master Luke asked me to take fifteen total." said W.

Chapter 3Edit

Etar Madan sat on a stool with his eyes closed. He stretched out to the Force. There was no one around him. He stretched out below him-there was a great disturbance in the Force. He felt many dying. Then, he felt that there were two people still fighting. Using the Force again, he tried see who was there. Aha, he thought. My Master.

His Master fought someone else, with lightsabers. Then, the man died. A ripple ran through the Force. Time was evidently going slow for Madan, for before he could determine what happened next, his Master was at the door. He knocked. "Come in, Master," he said calmly.

"Greetings, my young Padawan." he said.

"What brings you here, Master?"

"Master Skywalker asked me to take a strike team to a far world on the Outer Rim, and I wish for you to come with me."

To Be Continued

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