This Article, Lavender: War, is property of Chocolateaddictjr.

This story, Lavender: War, is Rated M, which means it may include sexual content, bloody fights,swearing and/or drugs.

Lavender: War is the first fan fiction/novel in Lavender: The Series.

Chapter 1- Death's ComingEdit

The lavender haired queen dashed through the endless road, and encountered a maniacal blonde haired princess killing a black haired princess pleading for her life, covered in mutilated body parts, blood, and gore.

Lavender woke up with her emerald green eyes in shock. It was just a dream...Just a dream..'

"Lavender-dono! Here's your-" Kiji, one of Lavender's maids, was interrupted by seeing a gruesome scene. Like Lavender's dream, a blonde princess (Yamarna) was killing a black haired princess (Nightmare). Nightmare attempted to crawl away, but Yamarna sliced her legs off. Eventually, due to the brute force of Yamarna's continuous blows on Nightmare, the knife broke, but Nightmare still lived.

Lavender went down to her cousin, and began to cry. "Please..Please don't leave me. You've been like an older sister to me. I've never told you this, but I..I love you. And I don't want you to leave, not as long as any of us are alive." Lavender pleaded.

"Heh..Lavender, love you too." Nightmare coughed blood on her cousin's and closed her eyes again. Those were Nightmare's last words. Lavender stood up, and put her sword to Yamarna's throat.

"What did I do?" Yamarna asked in a childish voice. Lavender's eyes burned with hate at the the thought of seeing her react that way.

"Escort her away, guards..Before I kill her." The guards dragged the girl away, as she cackled sadistically.


"WHAT?!" Yarkin's wine cup fell on the floor, and maids cleaned it up.

"Father, I'm sorry, but it's true..I saw her body after Lavender told the guards to escort Yamarna away. It's true!" Moralis was talking to her father.

"I never thought this would happen..This means war..But that night..They can't execute her!" Yarkin put his hand on his head and began think about that intimate night..


"Uhm..Yarkin-sama?" Yamarna knocked on Yarkin's door, trembling.

"Yes, what do yo- Yamarna! Damn! What are you doing wearing that!" Yarkin was shocked and blushed, seeing Yamarna in a very short, pink dress.

"Well, I am your concubine, right? You can't always be holing up with Nightmare-sama! Plus, the dress is from when I was 9, when I first came!" Yamarna made some flirty advances at Yarkin. Yarkin, however, shook his head, fearing the rage of his pregnant wife, but he had no choice but to give in.

"You are right.." He blushed even more as Yamarna's lips touched his.

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