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Marcus and Leroy are the 2 main characters in 4 Elements: Legend of 7.

Marcus and Leroy are 2 brothers that live in the Water Tribe City, of WaterTopia. They are both Waterbenders, Marcus is 13 and the big brother, and Leroy is 8 and the little brother. Leroy is very shy and loves his brother. After the 2 leave their home to travel and find medicine, Leroy and Marcus try to survive in the wild areas of glacier canyon, and ice deserts, Marcus is the fighter and protects Leroy for whatever the cost. Marcus's weapon is his Waterbending skills and his sword, and Leroys weapons are his Waterbending and loud cry. Marcus is VERY protective of Leroy and made a promise to his parents when he left. Leroys biggest love is his toys, family and his big brother is who he relys on most at times of despair.

Marcus's biggest love is Faith, who he fights over with Zakarias. He has a Confident, protective attitude, which makes him, "Him".

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