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Marvel vs star wars

Before I Begin...Edit

I am a big Star Wars fan, but an even bigger Marvel fan. I thought that it would be very fun to make a crossover story. I started reading Marvel circa 3rd grade, and I started to like Star Wars in 4th grade. A crossover would be very awesome, and I'm sure most of you would agree. Has anyone ever heard of Planet X, an X-Men and Star Trek crossover? Well, its kinda like that. This is my very first project, so I hope you like it. Enjoy!

Part 1Edit


Scott Summers, better known as Cyclops, walked down the hallway. He walked over to a wall, and pressed a small, shiny, quarter shaped button on the wall. The wall split, and revealed a secret metal elevator, which, unlike the rest of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, was sleek and shiny metal, with a big letter X. He entered the elevator, and typed in a 10 digit pass-code onto a pad next to the door. The door closed, and Scott felt the elevator shoot down at a speed unlike any other elevator in the world, and when it reached the mansions sub-level, it shot forward, crossing more than 40 acres in a matter of seconds. The elevator stopped smoothly and slowly, and the door opened to reveal a small corridor, made of shiny metal like in the elevator. At the end of the log corridor, there was a door marked with an X, and next to that a turn. Scott walked down the corridor and down the turn, where he came to another door marked with an X. Scott removed the glove to his X-Men uniform and pressed his hand on a sensor attached to the wall next to the door. The door slid open, and Scott stepped into a large metal room, completely blank. All of a sudden, there was a blinding flash, and Scott was momentarily taken aback. After he came to, Scott saw something in the middle of the room, a small object that he did not notice before the flash. Scott walked up to the object, a small metal cylinder with a bronze rim, several accents, and a red button.

"Hmmmm..." Scott said aloud. Wonder what this is, he thought.

"X-MEN!" a voice suddenly screamed. "HELP ME!"

Chapter 1Edit

Shadowcat heard the scream first. Katherine "Kitty" Pryde instinctively phased from her second floor dormitory through the floor, through the first floor, and down into the War Room in the sub-basement. She saw Charles Xavier, or Professor Xavier as the X-Men called him, in the middle of the room. Soon the rest of the X-Men filled in, Emma Frost, Jean Grey; aka Phoenix, Scott "Slim" Summers; aka Cyclops, Henry "Hank" McCoy; aka Beast, Kurt Wagner; aka Nightcrawler, Piotr "Peter" Rasputin; aka Colossus, and Warren Worthington III; aka Angel. more coming soon...

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