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This story, Modern Ops, is Rated M, which means it may include sexual content, bloody fights,swearing and/or drugs.

Theme Song

Modern Ops
Modern Ops
War Story
Important Information
Author (s) ExtremeSSJ4
Country United States
Language English
Series Modern Ops
Genre (s) Action
Followed by Fire Storm
Current Chapter Chapter 1
Total Chapters {{{amount of chapters}}}
This story is about the two fan fiction soldiers, "Hawk", and "RC", and their missions during WW3. The 2 Man Army works coherently to complete the objective, and get the job done the right way. They will face many threats, including Spetznaz, Terrorists, and more. Outfitted with "insert unit" weaponry classes, and elite skills, they'll take down the biggest threats the Theatre of WW3 can throw at them. Please enjoy. From, ExtremeSSJ4

List of CharactersEdit

Tom Etrex/RC- Main character

Gregory Rustwald/Hawk- Main Character

Chapter 1: Modern Ops!Edit

Release Date: December 20-25

Video GameEdit

A Video Game will be released soon, the Modern Ops Video Game is very similar to the Call of Duty gameplay and will be released in Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii.


  • This story was originally going to be a story written by TitaniumBardock and ExtremeSSJ4 but TitaniumBardock didn't have the time for it and decided to quit.

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