Moonbeast & T
Paul Carlson
Species Human
(Thinks he's part Moonbeast)
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Affiliation Independent
Era Modern Era

"Roar! Moonbeast Attack!!"
— Moonbeast

"Look out! It's realistic!"
— Old man victim

Born Paul Carlson, the "creature" who would "become" the Moonbeast was struck in the head by a falling meteorite, which did little damage to him but left him fascinating the wild idea that he had been infected with some sort of viral alien zoanthropy that would turn him into a "Moonbeast" every full moon. In truth, he simply hastily constructed a very shoddy costume that barely seemed to represent a lizard monster with huge googly eyes, and caused chaos. Eventually, the zipper on his costume got stuck on a piece of cloth and he took it as a sign that he had completely converted into the monster. At this point he abandoned his vapid girlfriend-at-the-time Kathy Nolan and moved to the big island of Hawai'i, where he immediately started up a private eye business. T is his assistant, although he isn't certain whether T happens to be a boy or a girl. His delusions are generally what lead the pair towards their adventures but also what leads them astray from the same.

He eventually met a little, long-haired blond(e) child who he attempted to use a Moonbeast Attack on, only to receive a swift spitwad to the eye. Surprised that the object stopped his attack and deciding to call off that attack, Moonbeast lazily threatening to return later to "finish the job and eat weasels or something equally sinister-sounding". However, the spitwad would quickly lead to Moonbeast contracting mono of the eye, and he was bedridden for some weeks. Believing the fates (specifically the ones named Neopoliteon Bunsapart, Julius Kaiserroll and The Cheese Danish Prime Minister, three transgendered food deities who rode the dreaded Cornbeef Hash Pizza Chariot of the Stars 'n Turds 'n Things, all the while dispensing very wise prose for a group of entities with a combined I.Q. of 30). Although their advice really had nothing to do with anything, Moonbeast took it out of context and assumed they were meaning to tell him that the boy was his saving grace and eventual cure of his horrible "Moonbeast Disease, I Guess". Using the superior detective sleuthing skills of his meteorologist brain, Moonbeast eventually stumbled into T again completely on accident and hired him on the spot. The kid has since then worked as Moonbeast's errand boy and the gumshoe to his private eye. Even so, he has no idea whether this kid is a boy or a girl.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Moonbeast is loosely based upon the main antagonist of Track of the Moon Beast, converted into pure silliness while watching MST3K with a friend many years ago. As the friend considered Moonbeast to be their personal favorite Somarinoa character, a comic series was created to continue drawing him as a sort of entertainment to share with his friend.

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