Mumbas unamed race is a race without a name that lives in the North galaxy, once near Planet Vegeta.

The race does not have a name and the planet the race lives on does not have a name. Few of the races members are known, but there is a estimated 20,000 still left living on the planet. Mumba is the only member known to have a name, though all 20,000 members have a name, but Mumbas is all thats known.

Appearence Edit

All of Mumbas race have dark green hair and shoes, and a light green sweater, and brown furry horns in there head. Plus, there small, and you could say that there "Cute".

[ Everybody in Mumbas race are almost identical ]. Everybody in the race is got a single style of hair.

One and the main style is Mumbas style, which is afro like, but is lower and more straight like on the sides and is like a roof to the forehead [Up on one side, and the same length on the other side, but going down the other way].

Another style is like Vegetas, straight up with ridges on the side.

Another style is the girl style, long down the back but only as far to back.

Another style is somewhat like Vegetas, but a lot lower, closer to the head, turned right with ridges on the top.

One more style is a afro, but more square.


  • All Mumbas race is identical, except for there hair.
  • The race's horn's are almost identical to Shenrons.
  • Mumbas race is always got there eyes shut, but open them when scared of shocked, [For example, when Kuzon told Mumba to leave Earth without him following up to the Snakeonaman Saga ].