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Novae's Counter-Attack is the fourth episode of Fear of the Dark.


Once again..Friday, May 4rd of 2012..Damn..I needa find a new month for this shit..Anyway, the Novae Warriors were pissed that some bitches could fuck with them, and the Celestial Warriors were getting tired after sixteen hours of fighting

Novae: Let's teach em a lesson, guys!

Rest of Novae Warriors: YEAH!!

Novae: Attack Formation #215!

The team got into a wide, spinning circle, eventually turning into a rotating dark ray spewing dark rays harming the warriors.

Nah Hae: <Panting> Ugh..We've been fighting for hours..

Zeon: <Bleeding> No shit, Miss Obvious. The sun is rising, again. <Coughs>

Iker: Quiet! <Gets hit>

Layla: I need to..Get back in.. <Falls unconsious due to massive cut on left side of body>

Henry: Wait..Let's do it! <Raises hand weakly and is struck down>

Brian and Kat arrive from debris from the blasts, and are surrounded in a half red half blue energy bubble.

Brian and Kat: YEH BUDDEH! LETS DO THIS! <Fires a blast which fuses into a purple blast>

Novae Warriors: <Goes back to their separate forms> THEY KNOW THE TECHNIQUE?!

Nasoe: Heh..I've gotten better between the last few milleniums. <Deflects blast like before>

Novae Warriors except Novae: <Jaw drop> How'd she..

Nasoe: <Looks back> I trained with <Grabs Novae and their lips touch> Novae-sama.

Brian and Kat fell to the floor, with most of their celestial energy depleted (for now), they de transformed, just like all of the other warriors.

Nasoe: Hehe! <Kicks Layla> That's what the whore gets for wrecking my outfit! <Charges white ray> Di-

Novae: NASOE! <Thinks: Not again, cmon babe..Really?> <Grabs her hand and touches her lips> Listen, you have to let them die..<Flies> Now! We shall destroy their beloved planet! HAHAHHA!!

The Novae Warriors flew off, sure that they finished them off and now they set carnage to the Earth, but lights still flickered..

Iker: <Crawling and speaking weakly> Guys..We need to..stop them..

Nah Hae: <Speaks weakly> But..We're covered in...blood..and we..can'

Layla: <Weakly> We have to...regain..our.. energy..<Passes out>

Zeon: Henry..Cmon...<Taps Henry> Get up..

Henry: Hmm......Ze..<Passes out again>

They were still alive, as for Brian and Kat..We might not know..



Zeon: Hey! It's me, Zeon Adams! Next time on Fear of the Dark, the Novae Warriors are coming closer to discovering our identities, and killing our families! With our energies reaching the life or death point, how will we stop them? Find out on the next episode of Fear of the Dark.

TrueWarrior: FINALLY! Someone who reads their lines right! <Glomps Zeon> Thanks!

<Curtains close themselves>

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