Nytza Fang
Nytza Fang
Vampire Rebel
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Height 5'1
Affiliation Vampires
Weapons Pistol
Species Human/Vampire
Home Unknown
Alignment Good


Nytza was turned into a vampire at the age of 18, she was walking on the streets of California when someone hit her back.They hit her with a bat and took all her money and clothes. A vampire near by named Lex noticed her and couldn't resist biting her, Lex hated being a vampire and of course he hated drinking blood. He almost killed her but something or someone stopped him.


Nytza loves playing around, she calls herself the Queen of the Vampires. Her nickname came from Lex, when he mentioned that she was so friendly for a vampire and that she should be a queen of all the vampires. She is also very friendly and doesn't like to hurt people for no reason but when she does, well let's just say it ends up bad.


Nytza's eye color is orange or sometimes confused with red. Her eyes turned more red when she was bitten by a Vampire, she's 5'1 and like most vampire's, she's very pale.


Coming soon...


  • Super-human Speed
  • Heightened Agility
  • Needs blood to survive


  • Nytza was created by ExtremeSSJ4


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