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This story, Olympian Fear, is Rated 14+, which means it may include some sexual content, bloody fights and swearing.

Olympian Fear
Olympian Fear
Fear Itself
The Curse of the Gods
Important Information
Author (s) ExtremeSSJ4
Country United States
Language English
Series Olympian Fear
Genre (s) Action
Followed by None
Current Chapter Book 1, Chapter 5
Total Chapters 3 books

Olympian Fear is the upcoming series made by ExtremeSSJ4. The series has three books which will be coming soon.

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Poseidon get possesed by Fear, he thinks that demigods are planning to overpower the gods. He's goal is to kill all demigods and one of his main goals is Percy Jackson. What happens if Poseidon isn't the only god possesed by Fear? Will it be the end of the world? Will Percy and his friends survive?

Main Characters:Edit

Percy, Jason and Annabeth are basically the main characters for the first book. The first book has Percy, Annabeth and Jason Poin of View Chapters.

Timeline and Universe:Edit

Fear Itself happens one year after The Last Olympian. The Lost Hero never happens but Jupiter Camp and the romans are in the story. Their is also some differences from the original version.


Fear Itself (Book 1):Edit

Poseidon gets possesed by Fear and is planning to kill Percy, he makes Percy's life miserable by sending monsters after him and kidnaps some of his friends. What would Percy have to do to save them? Who did Poseidon kidnapped?

The Curse of the Gods (Book 2)Edit

The second book of Olympian Fear, The Curse of the Gods. Many heroes have fallend and many gods have turned. As Poseidon and the rest of the Fear Gods destroy the world and the demigods the heroes must survive the horrible world they live in and find a weakness to destroy the Fear Gods.

Breaking Fear (Book 3)Edit


  • The first chapter of Fear Itself will be released in October 2011.
  • The series is written by ExtremeSSJ4, there is three books in total.

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