Katrina Cahill 08:30, December 16, 2011 (UTC) - This is a paranormal story between two madly-in-love teenagers



  • Brittany WInestone - Caramel hair and blue eyes
  • Craig Leven - Brown hair and black eyes


  • New York, New York

1. Year-2011 Age-16Edit

Brittany WinestoneEdit

Brittany hoped that her best friend (and crush), Craig, could finally ask her to prom. But her hopes seemed too high up, or too low. Craig Leven placed his warm hand on her right shoulder.

"Um, Brit," He started to say, "I w-wanted to ta-talk to you about some-something."

Brittany could've screamed 'OH YES! OH YES! OH YES, CRAIG! I WILL GO TO PROM WITH YOU!' because of the way he stammered, but she pulled her wits together that it wouldn't be the best thing to pull up.

She blew a streak of her caramel-colored hair out of her face, shrugged Craig's hand off her shoulder, placed her hands on her hips, and looked at him.

"If it's about babysitting you little sister, you can might as well count me out." She said.

Craig rolled his eyes. "I'm pretty sure you know what I'm about to say."

Brittany felt her cheeks turning bright red. Great, she just embarassed herself infront of him, what's next? She'd lose balance if he'd ask her to prom and her gum coming straight out of her mouth and onto Mrs. Flanagan's lawn?

"What, then?" She demanded.

"Well, I was wondering if you'd go to- um, gah . . ." Craig said nervously.

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