Poison Man
Poison Man
Species Robot Master
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male-programming
Affiliation Dr. Wily
Anura Unit
Era 20XX

Dr. Kojiro's 31st robot master Poison Man was based on the theme of a poison dart frog — specifically a yellow-banded poison dart frog. He was intended by the mad doctor to be an improvement upon Dr. Wily's Toad Man (though technically it was a Cossack design) as Kojiro was hoping to prove to himself to be better than "that old fogey" after his three prior defeats began to get him down.

Even so, he was still defeated by Mega Man and was left for the scrap heap by a furious Kojiro. Luckily or perhaps unluckily for him depending on one's point of view, his attempt at taking down the Blue Bomber had gotten him noticed by two brothers — Frog Man and Toad Man. They soon found him, dusted him off and repaired him, yet reprogrammed him in a manner that suppressed his former loyalty to his maker. This made him capable of joining the newly-forming Anura Unit as the first integrated non-founding member.

Anura Unit Lineup

Poison Man alongside the rest of the Anura Unit.

Unlike his inspiration, Poison Man is capable of damage over time through an ability to cause both acidic and rusting damage.

He was eventually decommissioned by Mega Man a second time along with the rest of the Anura Unit.

Poison Man Origin

A Yellow-banded poison dart frog (Dendrobates leucomelas), the origin species inspiration for Poison Man.

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