Pokemon Last Stance Follows Ash just starting a very terrifiing battle with a man named Death.


"Pikachu I choose you."said Ash.

"Arceus, go."said Death.

"Pikachu use electro ball."said Ash.

"Arceaus Dodge it and use Hyper Beam."said Death as Arceus dodge and used Hyper Beam Pikachu and Ash lined uup exactly and Pikachu was shot back into a wall along with Ash.

"Pikachu use Iron Tail. said Ash standing back up. As Pikachu was about to use Iron Tail ,Arceus used 3 more Hyper Beams to blast Pikachu into the ground and then used 4 more on Pikachu."Hey what is wrong with you?"asked Ash screaming.

"My dream is to have a world for oly strong Pokemon not weak ones."said Death.

"You Monster."sreamed Ash."Pikachu come back.".But Pikachu was barly moving but couldn't get back to Ash so Ash picked Pikachu up and brought it back."Charizard I choose you."said Ash.

"Arceus, Alpha Hyper Beam."said Death. As soon as Arceus did this Charizard tried to dage it but wasn't fast enough and was caught in it. After the attack Charizard fell to the ground creating a crater. Ash ran over to Charizard but to see that he was badly bleeding and that his tail was put out meaning he was dead.

"Charizard, CHARIZARD!!!!"screamed Ash."You monster you will pay for that."

"Choose your next Pokemon."said Death.

"Fine, Infernape I choose you."said Ash."Infernape use Close Combat then Arua Sphere."said Ash.

"Arceus, use Alpha Hyper Beam"said Death.

"Dodge it no matter what Infernape!"said Ash. Infernape managed to dodge it but was stoke to the ground by Arceus and then had Alpha Hyper Beam used on him.

"Now do you see it's pointless to continue fighting?"asled Death.

"No its never pointless."said Ash"Go Blastoise!"

"Arceus, Omega ThunderBolt."said Death. Blastoise being to big got hit by it and pasted as well.

"No, NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."screamed Ash. Ashes next three pokemon were easily taken out as well. "Nothing can stop him."said Ash feeling defeated.

"Pika Pikachu."said Pikachu.

"No Pikachu you can't fight I don't know what I do if I lost you."said Ash. Pikachu not listening to Ash jumped in the battle.

"Ah, you again. Very well."said Death."Arceus, use Ultimate Attack."said Death. Pikachu took the attack head on and was still standing until it tool another head on. Pikachu fell down Ash started to scream him and Pikachu started to glow. "It can't be they must be the chosen ones."said Death. Pikachu stood up glowing blue as well as Ash.

"Pikachu use Thunderbolt."said Ash. Arceus was to slow and was hit and k.o.ed. Death finally being defeated turned into a monster cloud of smoke and disappeared. Ash and Pikachu stopped glowing and pashed out.