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Puppet Master is meant to be a sinister horror short story. A girl name Lisa is given a task by her mother to deliver a package to an old, creepy woman named Ms. Crane. What Lisa doesn't know, is that she will never get out of the house alive...


Lisa-<THINKING> Why do I have to give Ms. Crane her stupid package? I could be chatting with Mike, or watching Dancing With The Stars, but of course mom picks me. I don't like Ms. Crane. She creeps me out. There is just something about her that gives me the chills. Whatever. Lets just get this over with.

Lisa continued walking down the street until she came to a peculiar house. A house with broken windows, cobwebs on the lawn, with walls as black as a sailor's teeth. This is Ms. Crane's house. Lisa instantly got a spine-tingling chill. She wasn't sure that she should be there. Lisa thought about turning around, but maned up (Womened up), and walked to the doorstep.